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Pentalog Labs: call for applications


A few words on the LABS, the innovation structure of the Pentalog Group, which is currently being set up… The Labs is designed to generate innovation to the benefit of long-term value. Its activities are centered around a group of three deliverables:Proof of Concept: the demonstration model of the feasibility of an application project, accompanied by detailed specificationsTarget Architecture: the technical file, guideline of a future development of a high level applicationBusiness Case: the file containing the team organization and the analysis of project costs, as well as its capacity of return on investment. This complete file, that we shall call the LAB File, must enable to carry out projects in complete security.The LABS team must be compact, experienced and responsive, consisting in dynamic experts, endowed with a high level of creativity and ingenuity.3 Senior Project Managers: be they technical or functional, their role will be to propose all the ideas, organize and prioritize them, highlight them in the POC, propose a robust architecture and, finally, estimate the potential production cost.2 high caliber Architects: they will have the difficult task of proposing the best architecture, but also a first estimation of production. One of them will be more focused on the database architecture and system sizing; the other will rather deal with Front End architectures and application connector technology.3 Senior Developers who are Interface Experts: these people will have to deliver the POC in record time, paying particular attention to the end user ergonomics.2 Business Analysts: they will have to stimulate the production of ideas, organize and formalize them so that they may be comprehensible and “marketable”The whole team will have the possibility of interacting with other players of the Group, the Technical Department in particular, as the latter will be able to make numerous contributions based on its past experience and the Incubator’s research capacities, but also because the first two subjects are of general interest: productivity management and competence marketing.There are still vacant positions left and, therefore, if any of you is motivated by one of these posts, you should contact Frédéric Lasnier as soon as possible!

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