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PM Camp – 2010 Overview


On Saturday, November 27th 2010, Cornel and I, as representatives of the technical management, organized in Bucharest the last PM Camp session of 2010.The list of topics we discussed resembled that of the previous PM Camp, except for the fact that Bogdan presented the manner in which the setting up of unit tests on an embedded maintenance project allowed to better help young employees arriving on the project improve their skills. Like in previous PM Camps, the subject of KPIs (key performance indicators) gave rise to numerous interesting debates.The distinctive feature of this PM Camp was that it gathered together specialists in different fields (BI, Embedded, IT). But we all agreed during our final overview that by learning things about the work of one’s colleagues, communication becomes easier. Despite this diversity, the people who took part in this PM Camp were widely active. They were even willing to resume the debates next year.Here are the figures of the 2010 PM Camps:- 7 PM Camps organized- all production offices had a PM Camp; some of them even had two.- 60 different people participated- 12 participants on average- 17 topics approached, 7 of which were organized by participants (besides Cornel and I).By listening to participants, office directors and those who express their opinions on the subject, this system generates value. This communication space that we have set up is yielding the expected results (discussions, experience sharing, explanations etc.) on management topics related to technology or project organization.We are reflecting together with Cornel on the PM Camp improvements for 2011. We already know what we want:- More interventions from participants. There are so many things to share that this should be easy.- A topic on security, as this is a sensitive issue in these times of “cloud”- A subject on the contribution of innovation to our customer projects- A complete presentation of ProductionFabric capabilities- … and many others, as we are open to suggestions and propositions on discussion topics.Therefore, we are going to continue our PM Camps in 2011. Before the end of the year, we are going to communicate on the forward planning of PM Camps for next year. This will allow everyone to prepare.

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