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Start-up Picnic at the Castle!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Last Friday, on July 19th, the Pentalog Group hosted the first event organized at Château des Hauts dedicated to Pentalabbs, in order to launch its new startup accelerator offer!

This picnic was an opportunity for the already incubated startups to commend Pentalabbs’s skills to support the young companies in registering international success through its technology, financial and organizational consultancy, as well as through benefiting from Pentalabbs’s contact network. This event was meant to invite the entrepreneurs to study our offer, to attend rather informal talks with the managers of both startups and confirmed SMEs. All the guests we introduced to them are leading players in their activity sector, achieving a sales figure from 1.5 to €18M.

One of these guests, founder of Hesus, leading start-up company in waste trading and specialized in soil exchange, has even invented his own market. Together with his brother, he relied on a Blue Ocean strategy and devised an exceptional offer which allowed them to achieve the outstanding sales figure of €12M…from implementing environmentally-friendly solutions adjusted to waste disposal…It’s brilliant!

Here are some of the most significant topics approached during the picnic:

  • Revolutionizing the field through online payment by integrating a genuine digital marketing strategy
  • Creating the largest European online sales site and continuing to manage a company that has been sold to another party
  • The emergence of new online companies, more focused on a market / community partnership, which can put the old institutions in great difficulty.

The entrepreneurs attending our discussions and the few invited institution representatives could thus “assess” the accelerator offer within the Château de Hauts, as well as the quality of the contact network and of the friendships, and I lay strong emphasis on the latter, that the Pentalog Group knew how to build!

The entrepreneurs attending the debates were very enthusiastic about this “picnic start-up” experience and consequently expressed their wish to participate next year to a new edition! Many of them have equally confirmed their interest in joining the Pentalog ecosystem, as well as in enjoying life with us at the castle!

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