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The First Pentalog-labeled iPhone Application on appStore


In the beginning of June, Pentalog published its first application under its own trademark on AppleStore. Several applications had already been released, but under the names of various clients of ours.

This first application is called “ProxyVoIP”. The aim of this application is to reduce the cost of telephone calls made abroad as well as to allow a more efficient use of our unlimited call package to Pentalog numbers.

The application simply works like a VPN. First, the call is transferred to a Pentalog number where our centrex filters the authorized numbers. The requested number is then dialed by the application and Centrex takes over routing the call to the targeted phone number.

This application is easy to use. We have integrated geolocalization, as, we have to call a national number for the system to be cost-effective.

We have been using this tool for many months (direct installation on the iphone), and the fair thing to do was to share it.

. A few drawbacks for this solution:

– It may not be attractive when on roaming

– The phone switch has to be easily commuted to configure the management settings

– The time for launching a call is longer with this intermediary stage.

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