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The Sibiu office has a new premises


The 12th moving in Pentalog’s history has just come to an end. The Sibiu office is now established in its new premises and production can be resumed.Since Friday afternoon, the production teams, IT team and removal men busied themselves moving the almost 80 workstations to the brand new 800 m2. The increase in our production surface proved indispensable with the ramp-up of an Embedded project team which will eventually reach 50 members.We only stayed for 15 months in our previous five-floor headquarters and now we have moved to a new, three-level building offering more space than we previously had.agence_pentalog_sibiuagence_pentalog_nuitThe moving procedure is well organized: everybody stops production at the end of the afternoon to put in place their personal things, their professional equipment. Then, the IT department takes charge of things by putting together resources (cables, dock, monitors) while another IT team disassembles the server room in order to assemble it again in the new headquarters as soon as possible. External accesses are given priority. Desks are put in place, machines are installed and the network is tested.The task of the IT team was substantial, as this office hosts an autonomous infrastructure for these Embedded projects (source server, compilation server etc.). Everything is working well, therefore I congratulate them.The single problem we faced on Monday morning was the blocking for a few minutes of the access control system of certain desktops. But everything went quickly back to normal.We have no planned future movings for the moment, but teams remain ready. For these last premises changes, we used a more intelligent approach of tasks to be carried out. The objective is to develop a metric system for these punctual actions. The size of our offices is increasing, which makes it important to keep the required workloads under control, as the duration of these movings cannot be reduced. Everything must be operational on Monday morning!

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