Is Pentalog practicing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

Frédéric LASNIER

CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

What is social responsibility and what makes it different from social innovation? What is Pentalog‘s standing in these matters? What is the meaning of these two notions on our different offices? On the occasion of Spring Campus de Croissance Plus, that Monica and me attended last weekend in Evian, we met two specialists in the field, namely Perrine and Pierre, both founders of La 2ème Maison, a company specialised in this field and a supplier of the greatests references of CAC40, ...
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IT offshore press review week 38/2011

Here’s the IT offshore press review, a mix of the most important news of the week. Enjoy! Don’t hesitate to come and comment them on our Facebook FanPage. – And the green terminology winner is….sustainability (September 18, 2011, Computerweekly) – Banks’ IT leaders await details of reform but change is certain (September 14, 2011, Computerweekly) – How Can China Save Europe When It’s Defaulting On Its Own Debt? (September 18, 2011, Forbes) – Siemens drops nuclear, vows to make green ‘project of the century’. ...
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