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Looking for a Job in Tech? Make Sure the Process is About Your Growth.

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

When you talk to tech recruiters, do you sometimes feel they’re just trying to fill in open positions, and don’t actually care about your goals?

The haste to hire in the IT industry, especially the frenzy to attract the top profiles, has the ironic effect of diverting attention from what matters most: YOU.

Shouldn’t this process focus all on what matters most to candidates? We think so.

First, Figure Out What You Need

There’s constant competition among tech companies for talent. Studies are conducted and lists of benefits are compared to identify what works best.

Recruiters often invoke “cultural fit” as one of the most significant values and insist on benefits and perks that may seem trivial to you.

But all these promises are in vain if the attitude towards you, the candidate, remains superficial, and fails to respond to your true needs.

Pentalog Jobs Personal Growth

With luck, you’ll become part of a high-performing team and have a chance to demonstrate your value while continuously learning new skills. How can you make a good choice?

As a strong technical candidate, you already know your value. So, in return for your expertise, find an employer who gives you a place to grow.

Solve Unique IT Challenges

At Pentalog, we’ve learned that all high-performing tech profiles have one distinguishing trait in common: a commitment to continuous learning.

Staying up to date helps you be the best in your job. And if you’re willing to put in the effort, shouldn’t your company support the learning process?

When we hire a candidate, it’s because we believe that an individual has what it takes to deliver value while taking advantage of opportunities to cultivate excellence, working side by side with colleagues who share the same passion.

For these reasons, Pentalog jobs cover the entire experience of the employee. Continuous learning included. It’s a prerequisite to stay up-to-date and grow as an IT professional. As support, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities and a work atmosphere where people are valued for their technical experience, creative code, engagement, and commitment.

That’s why we make sure that new hires can:

  • Join a well-structured and creative team, composed of senior engineering professionals whose technical expertise drives project success;
  • Trust that they have the power to solve IT challenges and contribute to innovative projects;
  • Continue to learn and improve, exploring different project roles, client business models, and projects spanning the product life cycle (PLC);
  • Become a true agile practitioner and respond swiftly and flexibly to evolving customer demands;
  • Stay up-to-date with workshops, training, and coaching sessions, enroll in online courses for free with some of the most popular e-learning platforms;
  • Benefit from international career opportunities;
  • Contribute to a thriving company powered by growth investment.


Get Ready for Something Better with Pentalog Jobs

Like all technology employers, Pentalog hires only the best engineering candidates and keeps only the high-performing ones. The chance to work with smart colleagues on interest code demands implication.

But you already know that.

That’s why Pentalog has put in place a rigorous, 6-point recruitment process that combines technical and collaboration skills.

Candidates fact a battery of online coding tests, hard skills tests, interviews, technical evaluation using the Dreyfus model, soft skills assessment, foreign languages tests, etc.

It’s a meticulous two-way evaluation process because we have to be sure that candidates meet the standards which we’ve designed for all engineering professionals.

Hiring is not about checking boxes. If you feel like a recruiter is doing that, we suggest moving on. Don’t waste your time.

For Pentalog, a positive decision means we’ve chosen to bring on board a trusted expert with a combination of technical and non-technical skills such as problem-solving skills, analytical skills, forward-thinking, flexibility, autonomy, resilience, and more.

In case you’re wondering, once we’re convinced by a candidate’s technical skills, there are a few things we look for, summarized below:

  1. Does the candidate share our values: trust, transparency, collaboration, balance, empathy, and excellence?
  2. Do we see positive personality traits such as honesty, humility, openness, proactivity, empathy, confidence, transparency, etc.?
  3. Is there evidence of people skills, a demonstration of being a team player, interacting easily with others, and managing stress?
  4. Is the candidate open to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement?
  5. How has the candidate demonstrated passion for building useful software?

If you are a top engineer, finding a job probably isn’t your problem. And if the culture we’ve described is appealing, we invite you to learn more about the Pentalog jobs by joining our team.

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