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6 Tips on Finding the Best IT Job

Georgiana Asanache
Georgiana Asanache
Recruitment Manager

When you apply for an IT job you should consider a few very important aspects. I’ll tell you straight from the beginning – the main idea of this article summed up in one sentence is:

If you want to build a career in IT, pick the company where you will learn the most and grow both as a professional and move up the ladder. But, don’t forget to have fun along the way. (Ok, two sentences!)

IT job

We’re just a bunch of happy, easy-going people who work in the IT field. Join us!

To make the best decision concerning your development as an IT professional you should be looking at more than just a job description. Here are some tips that might help you find your best IT job:

#1. Make a Career Plan

You could be a graduate, have experience in the field or even be a kick-ass senior dev and you’ll still need a career plan. Why? We all have the desire to grow and to know what the next step is in our professional adventure. By consistently learning new things, staying in touch with what colleagues are doing and being ready to take a knowledge leap no matter the challenges, you’ll never get bored. In no time you’ll realize you’ve accumulated expertise in multiple areas and may already be on the way to your next career challenge.

Alex, a Pentalog Team Leader in Cluj, says that he appreciates when people in his team take on different roles for the sake of learning. “This way, we get closer to our aim of becoming full-stack developers and the project goes on even if one of us is missing. This is a very strong point for our team and the one that our client values the most.”

Alex and his team are currently working on a FinTech project that handles a software cloud based solution enabling clients to mitigate risk in buying and selling financial instruments.

The innovative, world-winning and first cloud-based collateral management workflow tool that our Pentateam works on is part of a much bigger project with incredible features (like Pre-trade analytics, Trade Systems, Calculate IM & VM Exposure, Collateral Messaging, Disputes, Settlements, reporting) and a challenging technical environment. The application is designed for financial institutes of all sizes and is one of a kind.

Our client is helping many leading financial institutions globally meet time-critical regulatory deadlines and reduce costs associated with collateral requirements that are growing dramatically.

“We have a top team here, in Pentalog Cluj, and everybody wants to be part of it.”, Alex explains.

Join Alex’s team! We are looking for a Technical Leader!

#2. Go for High Technical Environments

We work in a highly dynamic, competitive market where the technologies we use develop rapidly. Every developer wants to work with the most cutting-edge tools. Fortunately, for us at Pentalog, we employ the newest technologies in developing the UI of our applications.

Discover our projects!

“Starting from the development process we can say that we have adopted Agile methodologies and development processes such as (TDD and BDD), pair programming, to our technological stack. The technical environment is based on JavaScript, ExpressJS, NodeJS and MySql database to serve and capture data on REST endpoints – while the frontend is built on ReactJS Websockets, HTML5, CSS3 and TypeScript. Tests are written with Jasmine and Jest”, explains Alex, the Team Lead.

His team already counts 14 members and the FinTech project he is leading keeps expanding at a speedy pace. Eventually, there will be four development teams, Agile managed, each having its own TL, PM and QA.

If you are a developer with ReactJS experience and want to join our Pentateam in Cluj, don’t miss this opportunity!

IT job opportunities in pentalog cluj

#3. Seek (Training) Opportunities

Training in the field is pretty commonplace these days, especially in the IT field. So, companies who invest in expanding the capabilities & skills of their employees should be on the top of your list. Look for any information you can find on job platforms and social media channels to help decide which company is best suited for your professional growth.

“Aside from training opportunities provided by the company, any new member of the team will find a growth environment here. We share information, help one another, and we function as a well welded team.” says Florin, an experienced developer on Alex’s team.

In Cluj, opportunities are just around the corner. Also known as the “Silicon Valley” of Transylvania, this city that never sleeps has, in the last years, become stomping grounds for countless conferences, IT meetings, and big companies who make the wise choice to grow their businesses on the fertile Romanian soil.

Pentalog’s office in Cluj hosts more than 100 Pentaguys, all passionate IT professionals who are always ready to take on the challenge of developing a new software solution and to adapt themselves to the nuances of an intercultural environment with international clients.

#4. Discover the Office Culture

“You spend one third of your life at work and have the privilege of having 2 families. The team should of course act as a whole, but be creative as individuals. It’s a blessing that we’re different and don’t have similar backgrounds or visions. A team should encourage sharing ideas and having open discussions. To put it shortly – you’re never alone.” – Alex says.

Isn’t this just great? Enjoying a positive work atmosphere will make you more efficient and results appear faster.

#5. Find People with Passion for their IT Job

To grow professionally you need colleagues who support you. It is very important but at the same time quite rare to find compatible people on your team in terms of values and passions. How will you know when you’ve come across a great group of people at work? They are smiling, having a good time together, helping one other, debating, curious, open minded and dedicated to solve any problems a project might face.

We already have these kinds of colleagues at Pentalog! And our goal is to grow the teams with the same kind of people. So, if you have passion for IT, are a true team player, want to take on some technical challenges and are a fan of pair programming, join us!

Our Pentateam in Cluj is looking for a Frontend Developer!

#6. Look at Other Types of Company Benefits

All IT companies will outline a list of benefits meant to convince you to choose them. Be smart and look further! Here are some aspects you should consider before deciding to put all your eggs in one basket:

  • How are they treating their employees?

  • Do they offer equal employment opportunities?

  • Is the company involved in CSR actions?

Want to find out more about Pentalog? Not yet convinced you’ll find your ideal IT job here? Here is more information on why you should join us:

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