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Pentalog Cluj IT Center – Our Story Continues with a Strong Team

Mihai Cimpean
Mihai Cimpean
Customer Success Manager

Pentalog’s IT center in Cluj has celebrated its 7th anniversary since its inception. Here, we are an office that has consistently grown in terms of team size, yield and tech stack. At the moment, a large portion of Pentalog developers in Cluj are specialists in JavaScript (React.js, Node,js and Angular) and mobile technologies, but also code in Python, PHP, .NET, etc. By years’ end, this location alone will have achieved a 30% increase in profit.

Cluj is the fastest growing city and the most influential one in the western part of Romania. With its evolving infrastructure, international airport, highly educated workforce, top universities, and international appeal, it is no wonder Cluj has become a magnet for IT companies.

In 2011, when we set up the basis of Pentalog Cluj, 5 people were employed and were enough workforce for the amount of IT projects we had. By 2016, our Pentateam grew to 60 IT skilled specialists. By the end of 2018, we’ll be over 130 Pentaguys & Pentagirls.

The more, the merrier! Parties are much more fun with a crowd. 🙂

IT center - pentalog cluj

This is a part of our Pentateam in Cluj, on our office’s terrace. Join us!

Pentalog’s Delivery Center in Cluj counts 110 full-time employees at the moment, a team of IT specialists in the following technologies: JavaScript (React.js, Node.js, Angular), Python, PHP, .NET, mobile technologies, etc. We are a big family here, with many colleagues who have been with us since the beginning. And, that alone says a lot.

Pentalog’s IT Center in Cluj is Growing

We’ve worked on more than 30 projects during these 7 years and have established long-lasting partnerships and successful relationships with our clients all along the journey together. The Cluj nearshore IT Center serves clients from France, UK, Romania and the USA.

For example, we’ve restructured the entire IT infrastructure surrounding Coravin’s e-commerce operations, a Boston-based wine-tech start-up selling consumer products and continue to implement tools to boost marketing automation efforts with a focus on measuring efficiency of e-mail campaigns, promotions, and product launches throughout the buyer journey.

“We chose Pentalog to help us get the flexibility and agility we needed to support our growth, make new digital investments and support new marketing opportunities.” – François SILVAIN, VP of IT, Coravin

We have also built a long-term collaboration with a growing FinTech company currently expanding its UK, US and Asia-Pacific footprint. The award winning first cloud-based collateral management workflow tool our Pentateam is currently working on is part of a much bigger project with incredible features and a challenging technical environment. The application is designed for financial institutes of all sizes and is one of a kind.

Here, in Cluj, we are proud to be the trusted partner of international e-commerce leaders, global media trusts and renowned entertainment solution providers.

Discover all our success stories!

Pentalog Cluj: A Quality Setting for Teamwork, Friendship & Mutual Motivation

What makes the Cluj team special is our trust in team cohesion and confidence that our colleagues can accomplish much more as a team  than individually. We encourage friendship and are open to any kind of team-building activities whether sports, entertainment, social or culture-based.

Our company’s culture is simple: we like having fun and working together, so we enjoy a friendly working environment where we support one another and encourage people to speak their minds so that every voice is heard. This has been our credo for the past 7 years and has only motivated us to be even better and grow together, as a team.

Here are some of our activities:

#PentaBAR is an IT knowledge sharing event we traditionally organize on a regular basis, after work hours to discuss recent innovations or other IT-related topics. One of Pentalog’s most successful PentaBAR events had a focus on React.js and was hosted by Elod, one of our most experienced JavaScript Developers at Pentalog Cluj.

#CodeCamp is an IT event whose main objective is to facilitate communication within the IT community by means of conferences and presentations on various IT-related topics.

#PentaSport – We organize lots of recreational activities together with the team: tennis & football matches, bike rides, team-buildings, etc. Discover more about our Pentateam’s activities on Pentalog’s Facebook page.

#PentaStagiu is the largest internship program in Romania and Eastern Europe. We host trainings & internship programs aimed at students with technical backgrounds every year and are working on extending Pentalog’s partnerships with top technical universities in Romania.

#PentaCares is the hashtag we use whenever we get involved in CSR activities to make a positive impact in our local communities. Due to our colleagues’ involvement, this year we have supported the World Cleanup Day initiative and continue to support the CS Manastur rugby team in Cluj who embodies our same values: excellence, passion, courage & team spirit.

#KnowledgeSharing  Our colleagues are encouraged to join the JavaScript, Agile or QA communities in Pentalog Cluj where people share their experience on various ongoing projects and try to figure out solutions while having lunch together.

IT center - pentalog

Pentalog’s Agile development team in Cluj has awesome teambuildings! We always have a great time together! Join us!

Here is what Pentalog Cluj means to the people:

Gabriel, Scrum Master:“Working for a US-based client comes with a lot of challenges but also with many chances to improve as a professional and in the end … as a person. The Agile development team in Cluj is the owner of all the technical decisions made on the project so execution is just the last part of what we all get to do here every day. Trust and respect in every interaction with other team members is key to getting things done properly. And it’s easy to build such a relationship when we get to work in a friendly environment filled with open-minded people. That is one of the main reasons why we have full trust from the client’s end as well. It’s not always perfect, but we are honest about it and we work together to fix it. And together here means the whole agency in Cluj, there’s always a community or an individual that can help you on a specific problem you might be having. And of course…between all that, we know how to have fun and we take every chance to learn together.”

Calin, DevOps/Python Developer: “My experience in Pentalog is a pleasant one because I have the opportunity to work with a group of people that are always there for you, supporting with everything you need. The working atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the greatest thing is that we have the opportunity to technically learn a lot through the projects assigned to us. If you want to make a career change, consider joining Pentalog, a company where one can grow professionally.”

Tudor, Product Owner: “It’s great to work for Pentalog Cluj! I love the open space because anytime you need support, you have any concerns, you are in need for training or you have a new idea, you can walk into the Delivery Manager’s office or approach the Practice Manager directly and discuss your problem. I also love the atmosphere: my colleagues are always smiling and if problems do appear in our projects, there’s always someone to alleviate the atmosphere.”

Gabriel, Team Leader: “For me, Pentalog is much more than just a software company. It’s the place where I grew both personally and professionally, where people trusted me to do things my way and obtain results and where I rediscovered the French culture.”

Silviu, Team Leader: “I’ve been working in Pentalog for most of my professional career, and there must be a reason for that. I joined Cluj agency back in 2011 and had the opportunity to see it growing from a couple of people to more than 100 today. There are multiple projects and technologies you can change between according to your professional ambitions, and this is a thing that kept me engaged, even if there were moments when I felt a new challenge would be welcomed. Another thing that is remarkable is the atmosphere and the quality of the people – I built friendships that last way outside the working environment. If it were to recommend Pentalog to a friend with just one reason it would be the fact that it offers an environment where you can develop yourself according to your own tech desires, and you’re not obliged to follow the project’s or manager’s imposed path.”

Nicoleta, Recruiter:“When thinking about Pentalog Cluj, these are the words that come to mind: pride, family, honesty and transparency. I could speak for a whole day about my colleagues and the environment here. In Pentalog, people feel comfortable in publicly sharing their ideas, no matter if they are newcomers or have been with us for a longer period of time. In Pentalog, people are not treated as a commodity, but as assets. You will find support and interest for your professional development. This year alone we have integrated more than 30 new colleagues: Front-end developers, PHP developers, .NET developers, QA engineers. Yup, we are awesome! Interested in getting to know us? Join us for a coffee!”


Check out the current Pentalog Cluj job opennings:


# DevOps Engineer


# QA Automation Tester


# Frontend Developer


# iOS Developer


# Java Developer


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