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From Romania or Moldova to GAFA Developer Position!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

This message is addressed specifically to all Romanian and Moldovan developers.

Over the years, Pentalog has built a tremendous portfolio of fast innovative and digital native customers. There are only a few other companies tackling the digital native economy to such an extent.

300 digital products developed for customers everywhere in 2018. An incredible number of massive fundraisers. I mean over $30M. Many even over $100M. We are a proven concentrator of digital beasts from all continents.

A digital native kind of tech projects

Currently, we see something special happen. We are reaching out to 2 new types of customers:

  • GAFA and quasi GAFA, for their digital product roadmap and maintenance
  • Fortune 500, for large and structural efforts as part of their digitalization

This means we are now engaged in some incredible long-lasting programs and we are about to double or triple the pace of our hirings in Romania, Moldova, Vietnam and Mexico.

The opportunities are huge for everyone:

  • For Pentalog to maintain its exceptional stability and very long-term growth.
  • For developers to stand out after a successful onboarding process. That’s to say some of them will be proposed jobs in the US. Either by the customers, or by Pentalog US. Right away or after a year or 2.


And the targeted tech stacks for these projects are all the more appealing:

Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Native Android / iOS + Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Go, Embedded C/C++, Full-Stack JAVA, Web UI (React.js / CSS), Big Data / Warehouse, Hive HQL


In the coming weeks, several campaigns and landing pages will be issued to promote our new customers to the Romanian, Mexican and Moldovan communities of developers.

Some of them are already available to accommodate candidate applications:

iOS Developer

JAVA Developer

Solution Architect

Full Stack JavaScript Developer


Growing far and wide, beyond IT product development

Pentalog is now expanding in many other directions than strictly IT product development.

Our marketing service lines have grown by 40% in the last 12 months. The assessment, recruitment and freelancing services powered by SkillValue have even hit the amazing level of 100% growth. New products will soon enrich our portfolio with Agile management.

Long story short. We aim at automating and agilizing the world.

Thanks to the community of Pentaguys, we are able to deliver a real engagement platform. Very soon we’ll reach the half million mark of developers embarked on the SkillValue race worldwide. More than 200,000 IT&digital decision makers in Europe and the US are already engaged with the Pentalog and SkillValue brands. 300 digital products have been delivered in California, Germany, NY, Paris, Boston, London, Portland, Montreal, Wien, Geneva or Singapore in 2018.

Our customer reach is exceptional and can grow even further thanks to you. We have never been so close to the guys who are ruling the digital world.

Thanking you for being part of the Pentalog community, I wish you all the best in 2019!


If you are looking for new challenges, take a look at all our current job openings and apply for the one matching your profile and interests.


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