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Pentalog Sees EBIT & Organic Growth in the Double Digits

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Rapid acceleration in end-of-year growth! SkillValue up 100% in the HR area!

In 2018, for the first time, the Pentalog platform demonstrated both its capacity for double-digit growth (5th consecutive year of between 10% and 30% organic growth) and its capacity to get new propositions off the ground swiftly – fulfilling cross-business objectives.

I’ve put together a brief list of figures we’ve achieved:

  • +150% in US online sales generated
  • +40% in US revenue (all channels combined)
  • +100% in HR revenue under the SkillValue brand
  • +213% in online leads generated WW
  • +40% in sales from online initiatives (consulting and outsourcing, global total)

Ultimately, our growth equation is becoming increasingly automated and efficient:

  • -40% in the cost of an online lead within a year
  • +10% in revenue going through sales (already at an all-time high in 2017)
  • -10% in the cost of commercial processing per client
  • +15% in total revenue without expanding sales force, €6.7m/salesperson

By harnessing these numbers, we are ensuring long-term control over costs and the overall financial equation that has led to our success with clients all throughout Europe and North America.

Pentalog Organic Growth

Our services are on a roll! “Rapid acceleration” is the operative phrase, epitomizing our capacity for organic growth. Contact us to find out more about Pentalog’s growth equation!

SkillValue Freelance offer launches in record time compared to all French competitors.

It is worth noting that we launched on the basis of a European, direct model.

We have clients in Germany, the UK and France trading with French, Belgian and Romanian freelancers – to name just a few. This model has enabled our clients to formulate their own smart-shoring models, combining a measure of nearshore freelancing and local freelancing with the added intervention of one of our CTOs, as needed. The results have been fantastic and clients are expressing a high level of satisfaction with SkillValue’s freelancing model.

We have even recorded a number of US sales—which, granted – were somewhat opportunistic, to the delight of our European freelancers.

Marked growth in intra-platform cross-selling, especially between HR and technology

  • Clients enlisted in marketing (Growth Factory) and re-enlisted in technology (Software Factory): 60%, up 10% versus 2017.

  • Clients enlisted in tech and re-enlisted in marketing: approximately 10% overall, up 30%.

  • SkillValue Freelance clients re-enlisted in Software Factory (still relatively insignificant but showing promise).

  • SkillValue Assessment clients re-enlisted in recruitment: +700%, still low…

  • SkillValue Assessment clients re-enlisted in tech: unmeasurable but on the verge of yielding results.

  • SkillValue Assessment clients re-enlisted in freelancing: no figures in 2017 but continuous growth in 2018.

  • Software Factory clients re-enlisted in freelancing: highly promising, major positive signs.

  • Recruitment clients re-enlisted in freelancing (very recent, already producing results).

In summary, our HR business lines are now generating interactions with more repeatable BM’s, creating a highly favorable acquisition channel for activities over a longer cycle.

Agility: Pentalog’s Gold Dust

The number of agile services provided by Pentalog Software Factory has continued to rise year after year. These are available in our decidedly clear and transparent price catalog.

In 2018, we bolstered our portfolio of outsourced services with the addition of security and 24/7 DevOps. These agile services can be integrated with our sprints, which themselves can already integrate development, testing, product ownership, UX/UI, market automation and PPC campaigns.

Our capabilities in terms of agile performance management, by means of continuously tapping into the right indicators, are now one-of-a-kind.

Furthermore, at the end of last year, SkillValue started delivering its first agile recruitment services, whereby a complete recruitment team is provided and dedicated exclusively to an individual client. As well as recruiters, each team encompasses all the necessary expertise for clients to recruit quickly and effectively: PPC, skill testing, social media and marketing automation. Depending on requirements or maturity, the team may suggest either a Scrum or Kanban methodology. Two major clients are already in the production phase.

In 2020, it will be Agility – or Death!

Finally, I can’t sign off without mentioning Pentalog Mexico—talk about starting off on the right foot! I also have to give great credit to Jean-Paul Lacombe, the latest in our breed of adventurers to have accomplished such a feat. Congratulations! Sensational work!

Without a doubt, such high performance levels across the board can only be achieved thanks to our exceptional team – my hats off to you! Long live our Pentaguys. They truly are the best.

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