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Relocate to Brasov: Yes, this is probably the best option for your work-life balance, and you know it

Andra Gligor
Andra Gligor
HR Business Partner

30% of Romanians would move to Brasov for the quality of life, salaries, but also for tourist attractions and ski slopes, according to a World Bank study.

Besides the statistics depicting the attractiveness of Brasov, I will tell you from my own experience what’s like living in this undoubtedly beautiful city and why you should relocate here, right now.

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You are only one decision away from an entirely different life! Discover more!

5* for the Living Standards

Brasov will make you happy beyond your imagination every single day. It looks good, has large boulevards, and there are so many natural beauties just around the corner that will fuel your hobbies.

We all love cities that are alive and full of colors! If you choose to come here, your eyes will be feasting on the green scenery and you’ll feel like you’re on a perpetual holiday.

Brasov is one of the most popular touristic cities in Romania, where you’ll hear many people laughing and speaking in foreign languages.

Brasov is mentioned in the largest study of perception conducted in Romania as the best city in terms of safety, general cost of living, medical facilities, cleanliness, recreation, access to shops and restaurants, transport services and the level of tranquility. This means that the cost-benefit ratio in Brasov is in balance and that you will embark on a wonderful adventure if you decide to relocate here.

A National Growth Pole in the Center of Romania

Brasov is growing steadily from an economic point of view. This city is a driver of development in the central region, being extremely competitive in terms of GDP per capita and labor productivity. Forbes’ Best Cities 2019 study places Brasov in the top 10 cities in Romania from a business standpoint.

Brasov is the 4th Romanian city by the number of IT companies and 6th by number of IT employees.

Overall, there are more than 100 companies in the city, 8 industrial parks, 4 business incubators, and 170,000 square feet of modern industrial spaces.

Fast & Easy Commute

Experts say that Brasov has the best infrastructure in the country. One can get to the opposite part of the town in a 15 minute-drive on a regular day. Parking can be an issue in the center of the city, but this is because Brasov is visited by more than 1 million tourists every year and growing.

Have you seen the city belt? Really, it’s a pleasure to drive your way out from Brasov. Pick any destination, you’re in the center of the country, but head to the mountains, the main attraction in this area.

Brasov is in the top five Romanian cities considering the real estate market. The urban sprawl changes the infrastructure and creates new spaces addressing living and business needs.

The public transportation runs along a prearranged timetable that is respected, most of the new buses have AC and tickets can be acquired with the help of an app. Easy-peasy!

Many young people use their bikes for both getting to work and having fun: here, mountain biking is a popular sport. So is  skiing. We are so lucky to be so close to the best ski resort in Romania where everybody finds something to do, as there are 24 km of downhill skiing, with 7 individual slopes, served by 11 ski lifts.

The “Je Ne Sais Quoi” Effect

I know many people who decided to move to Brasov for various reasons: the closeness to nature, the tranquility, more leisure opportunities, the beauty of this medieval city that is transforming into an international IT hub, the feeling that this is the best place to settle, etc.

Florin already made the move and now, he enjoys his new life in Brasov. Discover his relocation story.

move to brasov - pentalog

Interested in building an amazing life in Brasov? Check out Pentalog’s job opportunities & join a group of people with a lot of energy, creativity, knowledge, and desire to be part of a community that moves this city forward.

Do you know what else is great here?

  • Getting to Tampa or Poiana Brasov in a 30-minute ride with your bike
  • Skiing in Poiana Brasov until March
  • Making long walks in natural reservations, close to the city: Tampa, Lempes, Cheile Zarnestilor, etc
  • Enjoying the silence and birds’ chirp


Thoughts from my colleagues who chose to relocate to Brasov:

  • I wouldn’t change Brasov for any other city because here you can never get bored.” – Radu
  • “On a radius of 100 km, there are new wonderful places to see every weekend, for at least one year.” – Sabin
  • “I get to work in a 7-minute drive. In Bucharest, it took me more than an hour to commute.” – Marian
  • “What I love the most here is the closeness to nature and the general predisposition of people to all kinds of sports, be it skiing, biking or trail running.” – Andreea

Activities and Benefits

Are you into cinemas, theatres, and concerts? Brasov has a diversified offer! Maybe you’ve heard about the National Theatre Festival “Comedy Week”, Dracula Film Festival, Oktoberfest, Brasov Jazz & Blues Festival, Street Food Festival, Amural Visual Festival, C’Art Fest in Cristian or The Histories and Film Festival in Rasnov. These are only a part of the best events in the area.

There are also some great venue places where people have fun: Rockstadt, Kruhnen Musik Halle, Visssual and many more.

Brasov is the place with chic restaurants where one can enjoy authentic Romanian dishes to seafood and even the best burgers.

If you have kids, they’ll love Paradisul Acvatic, Parc Aventura, Superland, Dino Park, the largest planetarium in the country, the leisure center in Poiana Brasov or the bear sanctuary in Zarnesti – Libearty. The list goes on!

In terms of education, you should know that there are many kindergartens and schools with German teaching, while the National Colleges “Andrei Saguna” and “Dr Ioan Mesota” are among the best high-schools in Romania. The Transylvania University of Brasov has eighteen faculties, a total of over 19,000 students, and more than 700 academic staff.

What are You Waiting For?

In Pentalog Brasov, my colleagues who graduated Computer Sciences, Mathematics, or Electrical Engineering faculties come from different parts of the country to work on challenging IT projects (for clients in the USA, France, Germany, Austria or Singapore) while enjoying the much-desired work-life balance. I think I speak on their behalf too when I say that you are welcome here, with us! Here are three cool jobs, apply now!

1. Java Developer for one of the largest travel user-generated platform

2. .NET Developer with French language skills for a SaaS leader

3. React.js Developer for a fintech project

I could go on for days about how amazing Brasov is, but I don’t want to spoil all your fun. Just come here, have a walk in the city center and then give me a sign. I’ll tell you more about your future life in Brasov over a coffee. You’ll find out how Pentalog can help you relocate.

Move to Brasov, join our PentaTeam, and receive a gift card to get the best winter gear for your sport whether you’re a skier, a snowboarder, or an outdoor runner in any temperature.  All this is possible through “FullStack Living. Grow your Career in Brasov!” campaign.




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