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Move to Brasov: A Relocation Story Powered by Pentalog

Andra Gligor
Andra Gligor
HR Business Partner

Our lives are being shaped by the choices we’re making in the present.
If you were to give your life a boost right now, what would you do?

Meet Florin, our new colleague at Pentalog Brasov, who relocated from Alba Iulia a few months ago. He made an important decision that changed his life forever.

While I’m going to tell you his relocation story, remember the “FullStack Living. Grow Your Career in Brasov!” campaign is in full swing.

And yes, we’re trying to convince as many developers as possible to seize the opportunity to have a balanced and fulfilling life in one of Romania’s most beautiful mountain cities, Brasov.

Relocate to Brasov!

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Florin is happy with his decision. By now, he’s already rented a studio close to Pentalog’s Brasov headquarters, adapted to his surroundings, attended some cultural events, made new friends, and is finally back in business, taking on a new project.

Yes, to the Agile Mindset and Modern Tech Stack

Florin is a passionate Java developer with four years of experience. After graduating from the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering in Alba Iulia, he worked for a small but ambitious IT company in the same city.

Sunk into daily tasks, Florin dedicated most of his time learning and growing professionally, following his dream of becoming a senior Java developer or maybe even an Architect.

“You have to seize the opportunity when it is there”, says Florin. So, our new PentaGuy did his homework well: he searched for information about Pentalog’s organizational culture, values, projects, and tech stack. He was convinced right away that moving to Brasov to join Pentalog was the right thing to do since he’s interested in leveraging his Java skills while working in a dynamic and Agile environment.

Pentalog offers plenty of opportunities for growth for developers who excel in mentorship, challenging projects, and support in building an Agile mindset.

We’re still looking for skilled developers to join us in Brasov!

Check out our employment opportunities!

Yes, to the Project

Once he arrived at Pentalog Brasov, Florin spent some time acquiring useful knowledge for the new project. His colleagues brought him up to speed following a technical roadmap, having one-on-one meetings, and showcasing examples of best practices.

One of the most important steps he had to take was getting familiar with new versions of Java as soon as possible since changes in this field happen quickly. Only then was Florin ready to take the plunge.

Now, his main responsibility is to develop new functionalities for a major company in management solutions.

Although Florin only recently joined the team, he’s already impressed his colleagues with his curious, hard-working, humble, ambitious, and passionate attitude.

Yes, to the Team and the Feeling of Belonging

The view from Florin’s desk is amazing! When he’s not coding, he gazes at the most beautiful mountain peaks, perfectly visible on the horizon on a sunny day: Ciucas, Piatra Mare, Postavaru, Piatra Craiului, Fagaras, and Magura Codlei.

His office is situated in a cool area in Pentalog: the top floor. It’s the place with the most spectacular views, close to our colorful terrace, where we all meet for coffee and snacks.

move to brasov - relocation

The mountain views at Pentalog are to die for, but that’s not all. Meet our gorgeous ladybugs, skilled marketing, HR, and tech professionals with a keen eye for detail.

Someone like Florin, who, besides coding, loves nature and hiking, might say that this is heaven on earth. Surely, Florin will have to carefully plan his free time to enjoy all of the beautiful places surrounding Brasov.

The great thing is, he’ll always find colleagues with whom to share his passion; many Pentalog communities bond over hobbies like indoor and outdoor sports and other activities. You name it, we have it: football, tennis, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, trail running, etc.

And there are other ways that we connect outside the office. From time to time, we organize tech meetups, join sporting competitions, engage in CSR activities, or go out to dinner. Soon after he joined the team, Florin’s colleagues invited him to a Lebanese restaurant with an enjoyable atmosphere and delicious food.

Yes, to the Vibes of the City

“There are many things to do here; one can never get bored!” says Florin. “Be it movies at the cinema, theatre plays, music concerts, I enjoy all of them, and I intend to take my time to discover everything Brasov has to offer”.

In the first month, Pentalog provided Florin with a place to stay, so he moved in quickly. He only brought the necessities from Alba Iulia, and then took some time to search for a rental close enough to the office to walk to work and appreciate the city more. He’s pleased that his place is within walking distance to the market and train station.

As part of our relocation campaign, if you move to Brasov and join Pentalog, you’ll receive a Decathlon gift card for purchasing new sporting goods. Florin, for example, wanted to buy new hiking gear so he can safely discover on foot all of the mountains he gets to see from his desk every day.

That’s quite a goal for 2020! What’s yours?

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