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Find Love, Move to Cluj, Enjoy a Happy Life – a PentaGirl’s Relocation Story


Three years ago, I was in Craiova with quite a decent job as an IT technician. My family, all my friends, and the love of my life were there. It seemed that life was wonderful until…

One day, my future husband asked, “Would you like to move to Cluj with me?” Some raised eyebrows and a couple of months later, I was already looking for jobs in Cluj.

Time to Change? Then, Change We Shall Have!

Inspired by our future plans, my fascination with the testing field grew even more, so I decided to become a QA engineer. What’s the reason behind my career change? I have a natural curiosity, logical thinking skills, and good communication abilities. I’m also detailed-oriented and possess a want-to-learn attitude.

I’m a self-made QA engineer. With the help of some online courses and road maps from friends, I got in shape and started applying for tester jobs.

My efforts eventually paid off! A top employer in Craiova hired me as a QA engineer, and before celebrating the first year of my new career, I was already off on a new adventure.

move to cluj - relocation

Fortunately, moving to Cluj has been relatively easy for me: my job at Pentalog was waiting, as were my husband’s family and our new apartment. Of course, we had a lot to do to get comfortably settled, but thinking about that period puts a smile on my face. It was when we discovered Cluj together hand in hand, made new friends, and spent many hours at one specific terrace in Piata Muzeului, a place that I love so much for its location in the city center and coffee!

Although I decided to move to Cluj for love, I’m sure that I made the right decision for my career, too. Cluj is a city of opportunity, especially work-related. More companies are on the lookout for specialists than in any other city in Romania, which means more job offers, higher salaries, and better benefits. Due to market competition, nearly every company has improved its approach to employee satisfaction, which translates into a better quality of life for most residents of Cluj.

Move to Cluj and Join Pentalog’s Team

Pentalog was the first and the only company where I had a job interview. There was some chemistry involved, I must say, so I gladly accepted their offer to move to Cluj, where they assigned me a project in the automotive industry. Since 2018, I have been working for the same client as part of a synchronized Agile team, with satellites in several offices and cities. Quite challenging, I might say!

Discover the relocation program in Cluj!

Why do I love it here? It’s that feeling when you’re getting ready for another day of work, and you know you’ll meet great colleagues with whom you’ll enjoy coffee on the terrace, exchange ideas, laugh, and set the mood for the day.

A typical work day for me consists of short meetings with the entire team to share the status of projects and plan our next activities. It might also include a discussion with the Product Owner or the Scrum Master, a face-to-face meeting with a developer whose code I reviewed, and maybe a meeting with the client to make suggestions or learn about their specific project needs. It feels great to be around open-minded people who support your every move. That’s what professional growth is all about!

move to cluj - relocation

“Fain la Cluj” Is Not Just a Motto

Have you ever visited Cluj during a major event, such as Untold, Electric Castle or TIFF? Have you felt the buzz, the energy, and the happiness all around? Yes, I know that the city is crowded at times, but that’s because a lot of tourists come to enjoy Cluj and everything this city has to offer! Day-to-day life in Cluj is peaceful and calm: people are in no rush, don’t cram as they do in other cities, and like to take things slowly. Not even rush hour can make a Transylvanian flip out.

I’m from the southern part of the country, where everybody is always running from one place to another, speaks loudly, and lives by the motto, “I’ll rest when I’m dead,” so Cluj was a massive change of scenery. I really enjoy the city’s positive and youthful vibe, and the fact that no matter your hobbies, you’ll always find a lot to do. In Cluj, you can’t get bored. Really!

Another advantage: the nature nearby. Escaping the big city is easy! There are so many places near Cluj to enjoy relaxing walks and even sporting activities. I especially like the Turda salt mine because it helps me unwind. Many people don’t realize that Banffy castle has a huge garden and a secret path through the forest, while Cheile Turzii is a beautiful natural reserve with steep gorges – a preferred area for mountain bike enthusiasts.

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