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Embedded in the past, present and future

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

In the past, embedded meant designing circuit boards allowing to achieve one or two functionalities.Nowadays, it means allowing modules having one or two functionalities to work together in an ever smaller and ever more intelligent device.In the future, it will be about ensuring that the whole of these devices work properly at the right time.Let’s take for instance something that we use every day: the mobile phone.In the past, your mobile phone, or rather your portable phone because of the weight of some 8Watts, allowed you to make calls. For this purpose, it had a keypad, a screen, a battery and a GSM card.Nowadays, besides making calls, your phone, or rather your smartphone, allows your to browse the internet, to take photos, to manage your calendar, to locate yourself (or even to be traced through your phone) and it can even get to be a genuine assistant, such as Siri from Apple. In order to offer all these functionalities, there have been added a GPRS/3G modem, a more developed screen (better definition, touchpad), an APN (digital camera), a WIFI/Bluetooth connectivity chip, a GPRS chip and a little storage memory (for instance 32Goicon_wink).In the future, your communication device will simplify your daily activities by interacting with your environment in order to regulate temperature, moisture and lighting of rooms and vehicles where you are, in order to allow you to find “your” IT interface on the terminal from the place where you want to work (applications and data will be accessed from Cloud), in order to book a taxi when you have just finished picking up your luggage after getting off a plane, in order to serve you as a mean of payment, and the list remains open. What will be needed for all that? Well, a 4G modem, an encryption chip and one or many biometrical interfaces in order to secure it all. The whole of these devices must first and foremost be able to communicate to each other, and this is where there is still work to be done…

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