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Greetings from the Black Sea, PentaStock2015

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia


“By the time you receive this card, Pentastock will have already ended. We arrived safe and sound to the Black Sea (the great relocation) and we’re sending you our best regards from the seaside, where everything is out of this world! We have already set up our tents and the vacation village is rather blue and orange, a clear sign that Pentalog is around. The greatest teambuilding since the group’s founding (15 years in Romania, 10 in Moldova, respectively) is about to begin. And right after…let’s get this party started! Best wishes, we, the Pentalog team.”

If we were still in the ‘90s, this is how I imagine a PentaStock2015 greeting card sent from the Black Sea on 23-24 May would sound like. Luckily for us, we enjoyed all of today’s modern ways of “sending post cards”. We can firmly say that we invaded the mobile internet and Facebook walls, and extensively used our photo cameras and the festival’s hashtag.

At the end, there was only one question on everyone’s lips: “How was the festival?”

It was sizzling fast, dynamic, cheerful, the greatest weekend at the seaside, it was a lot of fun” are just some of our colleagues’ answers. PentaStock2015 was about us, both as part of the group and as individuals, it was about team spirit and the unique cohesion within Pentalog.

Stories on the way to and from the seaside, on everything and from everywhere

Six cities, 750 collaborators: all to reach the seaside. Whether we left in the evening, midnight or at dawn, it didn’t matter because it was all about having fun. And what are we best at besides our jobs? Joking and laughing, of course. The atmosphere we created in the buses reminded me of the school trips or camps (there was even an attendance list called out!). Not only did laughing make us enjoy the road to the seaside, but also shortened it a great deal!

“Challenge” was the key word from the very moment we reached our destination. Well, this is not really a surprise since challenges are in our culture and they became a part of our very nature. This time we had to pass a skill test… on setting up a tent! And since we all successfully passed it (let me be honest and tell you that team spirit was in the air: for the colleagues who didn’t know all the tricks of the trade, help came extremely fast from many people) another one awaited us! We can proudly say that we put our skills, collaboration, friendship and cohesion to good work within the largest teambuilding since the group was founded. And, as pictures are worth a thousand words, we’ll try not to spoil the surprise and let you discover for yourselves the event’s official album.

Another interesting series of events took place at night fall, after the festive dinner. Fred and I shared some of our thoughts on the adventure we call Pentalog and then gave the floor to each DCM. Then, thanks to the combined efforts of our colleagues from all delivery centers, we had some great moments in store through the emotional/funny/music/colored short movies, all telling a unique story: Pentalog means a lot more than a company of passionate people, it means long-term friendships that we enjoy every day and which are thoroughly reflected in our work.

What do we take home from PentaStock …

Great memories with fantastic people, first of all. We had the chance to get to know our colleagues outside the professional environment, we learned new names (in some of the cases) and met people with whom we had talked on the phone or by email. We strengthened our friendships and relations and last but not least, we partied like no other! What was the coolest party this year? The answer is simple: with all the Pentaloguian friends, at PentaStock2015! And yes, we proved our motto right once more: “I am Pentalog!”

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