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PentaBike Chisinau Reunites A Half Of The Family On Its 6th Edition

Elizabet Galaju
Elizabet Galaju
Scrum Master

Summer is around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to get outside and take advantage of the biking season. Pentalog encourages people to practice fitness and sports, because “A sound mind in a sound body”. The 6th edition of PentaBike, here in Chisinau was the funniest and the largest turnout indeed because here, we know how to Work Hard and Play Harder!

The National Park “Valea Morilor” saw almost a half of the Moldovan PentaTeam and this number continues to rise every year.

What do you call the kind of motivation that wakes you up early on a Saturday morning, when its pouring rain outside to come join the PentaBike initiative? We call it passion, we call it genuine involvement in a healthy lifestyle. We are continously proud of our PentaPeople!

What is PentaBike?

First of all, PentaBike is a sense of team spirit, a way of relaxing and taking your time to connect with collegues outside of work. Warm-up, squats, planks, sprints – healthy competition and team work – we try to demonstrate our core values through sports as well. PentaBike’s primary purpose is to show people that your job is not the limit and everyone – from kids to grandparents, can join the PentaBike initiative.

A little bit of Retrospective

PentaBike, this season at its largest:

  • 2 Hours Of Fun
  • 3 Competitions
  • 8 Teams
  • 10+ PentaKids
  • 35+ Pizzas
  • 70+ Participants

Here we are, all the people who helped make Saturday morning an unforgettable experience.


#PentaBike2019 is popular on social networks! #team2

PentaBike Participant

We love our people! When someone is trying to take a picture of you when you are not ready, just make a funny face!

PentaBike WorkOut

#elasticDudes getting ready to win

What was the most fun part?

One of the most exciting parts of PentaBike was the Quest competition. Spots to stop and solve riddles or post pics on social mediaIt was exciting to see our competitors racing against the clock, planning strategies and dividing into small groups to get perform the tasks and take the right picture to post on Facebook.

Work Hard, Play Harder!

To sum it up, the goal of PentaBike is to support your desire to improve yourself not just at the job, but by taking part in going outside and getting active. Through events like these we become stronger, better, happier. We dream big, and every little win is a chance to improve. PentaBike works to promote a strong corporate social responsibility initiative.


Sports don’t build character, they reveal it.


The future beautiful minds of the Pentalog family are here!


Through smiles, the impossible becomes possible! Happier & Stronger.

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