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Pentalog Iasi: Where Tech Rookies Become Smart Cookies

Cristian Neghina
Cristian Neghina
Customer Success Manager

Many successful careers in Pentalog Iasi began with a summer internship. For 10 years, our PentaStagiu program has given students training on a variety of tech topics from top engineers. Many of the graduates are still with us today, holding operational and even managerial roles.

Pentalog Iasi Team

With the hard work of a talented delivery center team, we’ve built a record of success with a diverse client portfolio. Now, as we celebrate our unit’s 14th anniversary in Iasi, I give many thanks to my colleagues and partners for this incredible journey.

There’s a simple secret to everything we’ve been able to achieve:

  1. We like what we do, and we do it passionately.
  2. My colleagues are fun and enthusiastic, making a difference professionally and personally.
  3. We maintain a high level of motivation by ensuring growth opportunities.
  4. We get satisfaction through giving back as volunteers in education.


The Road to Success is Always Under Construction. Even 14 Years Later. Still…

Back in 2012, when I took the lead of Pentalog’s Iasi delivery unit, there were only 60 engineers on the team. Now, our tech powerhouse consists of more than 250 developers, covering a diverse range of programming languages: Java, PHP, .NET, Android, iOS, JavaScript, and many more.

We continue to recruit Java, PHP, Python, React.js engineers, maintaining the growth trend which started at the beginning of last year.

We code for

Year after year, we’ve built and launched custom software solutions for worldwide leaders in MedTech, EdTech, RegTech, FinTech, Software, VR, Media, e-Commerce, Travel, and Transport.

And now, we have reached a point where Pentalog Iasi delivers IT expertise to unicorn companies, adding more services such as consulting, product design, and financing solutions, to mention a few.

Our agile teams are globally distributed, perfecting, in time, a culture of collaboration that revolves around a highly flexible product development framework.


And we have our clients’ success stories to support my words:

Made.com – For this online design furniture retailer based in London, Pentalog provided a scalable technical team from Iasi. Their mission was to build a strong community around the brand and website by allowing customers to post photos and reviews of their purchased products on display – in their own homes and spaces.

Rakuten – The Japanese e-Commerce giant chose Pentalog for our team augmentation service and counseling. Their objective: to make the transition to a product-oriented approach to their operations.

Adidas – For this global sport brand, an impressive 40+ member team from Pentalog Iasi works on multiple projects, including the implementation of a strategic digital B2B platform, which was designed for processing large orders.


Home to Talented PHP Developers

We’re proud of the long-lasting collaborations with international clients that came to us with a small request or just an idea and continued with highly technical and complex projects for years on, trusting our team’s extensive experience, methodologies (Lean, Agile, Scrum), and openness to new technologies.

For Made.com, for example, we started the collaboration in 2014, with a 5-member team. Seven years later, we have 45 top engineers contributing to our client’s international business success and we continue to grow.

Team Tech stack

An advantage for clients choosing Pentalog Iasi is our team’s level of maturity. 58% of our workforce is expert, proficient, and competent (according to the Dreyfuss Model of Skill Acquisition). But this doesn’t mean that juniors feel left out! On the contrary, they are well attended with training and mentorship.

Also, Pentalog Iasi is home to the most numerous PHP developers and the largest mobile team out of all the Pentalog delivery centers.


A Star Was Born – PentaStagiu

In the beginning, PentaStagiu was designed to serve the city of Iasi, home to Romania’s oldest university and a leading center of the country’s academic and cultural life. In 2018, we launched the first remote sessions to facilitate students’ access to tech training no matter where they came from.

PentaStagiu brings the most popular technologies together with seasoned professionals who explain the workflow and implementation process of a real-life IT project.

Many of our current employees have completed their internships at Pentalog Iasi. And with our PentaStagiu program (the largest of its kind for Romania and Eastern Europe) able to be accessed remotely, even more students can receive training in cutting-edge technologies,.

PentaStagiu Evolution
Investing in education is Pentalog’s Iasi way of fueling the pipeline of tech specialists, supporting the tech community, and offering a practical hands-on experience to students with tech and mathematics backgrounds.


„Joie de Vivre” Type of Workplace Vibe

Pentalog Iasi has a certain „je ne sais quoi”. After all, we are a French subsidiary and we have integrated “la francophonie” in everything that we do, be it online or offline activities.

Our vibe is called „joie de vivre”. It’s that special energy that inspires people in Pentalog to give 100% in projects spanning diverse fields.

As a delivery manager, I’m happy to see my colleagues ready to tackle any challenges, organize new internship programs, celebrate diverse events, and invest in regular employee training and knowledge sharing. This means that they like what they do.

As we celebrate our 14th birthday, I leave you with some photos from “over the years.”

Pentalog Iasi team

I look forward to our continued success growing talent in Iasi.

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