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Pentalog Vietnam 10th Anniversary: Team that celebrates like a family, stays together!

Recruitment Team Leader

Celebrating your wins together as a team reinforces a bright outlook for the future. It helps a team to be open for new opportunities and stand up to the challenge when the time comes. Recently, Pentalog Vietnam has marked its 10th Anniversary, so we decided it was a good idea to spend some quality time together and to commemorate all those exciting moments we had already had together.

Pentalog Vietnam

For already 10 years we have been more than colleagues, even all newcomers from the first day start to feel “the family vibe” specific for our work environment.

Recharging our batteries leads to higher performance for Pentalog Vietnam Team

To have some rest and to make our bond stronger, Pentalog Vietnam team went to the Gold Coast hotel and resort. We chose this place as it is close to a splendid beach in Quang Binh.

“My impression is that it was splendid. We had the party in a 5-star resort, nearby the beach. The hall was huge enough, decorated with lights and flowers. We had nicely cooked seafood for the meals.” Giang

Even with a scenic view around us, we couldn’t just allow ourselves not to be active. We wanted some action, so our guys & girls went sightseeing in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a perfect place for adventurous and energetic people like us. This national park is UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its cave systems, local food and quite a sight.

Pentalog Vietnam

While our stay there, we decided to take a walk to the Nuoc Mooc Stream that erupts from the mountain to observe a natural wonder. In the evening, we were hanging around next to a campfire, an ideal occasion to reflect on the past & set the stage for the future.

We work with passion and we know how to party

Our escape to nature was followed by a gala dinner. It was our time to shine! PentaVoice contest, a singing and dancing contest presented by our collaborators, allowed Vietnam team to showcase their numerous talents and be stars of the evening.

“Everything was great and meaningful.” Chi

Pentalog Vietnam

“I had a lot of fun at the party. Our team was awarded the best team prize. We played, sang, and talked together like a family.” Duyet

At the party, the agency gave rewards to collaborators who have been working at Pentalog since its establishment, best performers and project teams. It is our way of showing appreciation to our colleagues as they have always had trust in the company and have been continuously contributing to the company’s growth.

“The party was breath-taking. The hall and the stage were beautifully decorated with flowers and colorful lights. The food tasted amazing and the performances were great.” Thanh

Pentalog team

In the end, we cut the birthday cake and gave a toast all together.

Our Delivery Center Manager and Practice Manager held speeches recalling the most memorable stages of our journey after a decade spent alongside clients from all over the world. Everyone present was deeply touched by their words because all of us left their marks in the history of the agency in one way or another.

Pentalog Anniversary

Pentalog people are a rare treasure!

Once again, all these leisure activities reminded us that smooth collaboration within the team and dedication to common goals are key-elements that determine any mission’s success. We depend on each other to perform at our best. We managed to achieve everything thanks to the effort of the team.


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