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Pentalog’s Growth Culture Supports the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Dan Avram
Dan Avram
Head of Capacity and Talent Marketing Operations

When the BrightHub project’s young coordinators contacted me in August to support their entrepreneurial education program focusing on Digitalization & Social Responsibility, I immediately said yes.

Pentalog’s involvement in the local community’s educational and social initiatives comes naturally as it’s in our DNA to support growth culture and help people find their career path.

The Bright Side in Pandemic Times: Opportunity for Learning

BrightHub came to life during the Covid-19 pandemic when two students from the Economics faculty in Brasov, enrolled in the popular student organization AIESEC, designed a program for young people with no entrepreneurial experience. Bianca Stefanescu and Mihai Ungureanu thought about creating their own business but quickly realized they lacked the tools, connections, and knowledge to finish it alone. That’s when they came up with the idea to start an incubator.

The 6-week online program consisted of mentoring, coaching, and workshop sessions. Its goal: offer a complete entrepreneurship learning experience to those willing to make a difference in their community through digital innovation initiatives.

All five validated business ideas are either apps or web platforms that work to solve a specific social problem in the educational and medical field and offer smart city solutions.

Pentalog's Growth Culture Supporting Learning Experiences

Together with my 6-member team of Project Managers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners, we offered 40 hours of mentoring sessions during the program to help all 25 participants, divided into five teams, develop their business ideas and learn how to pitch their MVP.

As part of the program, together with other specialists who offered coaching sessions and specific workshops, participants became acquainted with specific topics and terms used in business growth and digital innovation.

In a relatively short period, they gathered valuable information about business, IT, marketing, legal, product, and team development processes that helped them understand the entrepreneurship vision and real-world lessons for business owners.

At the beginning of November, all teams presented their business idea prototypes online. I must say, the quality of the pitching session exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the time the participants invested in building products or services and creating appealing pitch presentations.

Pentalog BrightHub collaboration

In the end, BrightHub’s jury declared two winning teams that will continue working on the MVP with Rubik Hub – an accelerator for early-stage start-ups – while the rest will receive continuous support from other partners and business accelerators.

Here are my colleagues’ testimonials regarding their mentorship experience in the BrightHub project:

„I am pleased to have been able to share my knowledge with the young people from BrightHub, as giving back is an important part of the company’s culture and my own. I hope they extracted the most useful information from this 6-week program to build their business ideas further.” – Daiana Guy, Project Manager

“As a mentor to the BrightHub project, I had the chance to help build some very interesting business ideas, with a real value on the market. I hope they will continue investing in their ideas with the same enthusiasm and that we’ll hear about their successful entrepreneurship stories.” – Iulia Ruxandra Rusu, Project Manager

The Company’s Growth Culture Impacts People

Pentalog’s growth culture positively affects both people and businesses.

Regarding our employees, we have a strong focus on each of our colleague’s work priorities, performance, and potential. Therefore, to help them develop professionally, we offer access to learning and work experiences and collaboration within the organization.

Moreover, since our business is to deploy business-critical software and bring new ideas to life, we encourage our colleagues to have an entrepreneurial mindset to better serve our clients, while also investing in their professional development.

At Pentalog, we cover the digital product life cycle with a suite of high-impact services tailored for each phase, from innovation to growth to maturity, letting clients access the right expertise when they need it and how they need it.

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