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Corporate Social Responsibility: For the Love of Sports and with the Right Motivation, Pentaguys raised over 12,500 Euros for Social Causes

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

No pandemic can bring us down! Over the past couple of months, we’ve found even more drive to continue doing what we love: participate in sports while supporting the local communities. Social and environmental volunteerism have always been our goals as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program.

It all started on July 28th with a message from a colleague at Pentalog Brasov. “Let’s be together safely, even if we are at a distance,” and log 10,000 km through sports activities in 5 weeks.

PentaSport Challenge Corporate Social Responsibility

PentaSport Challenge 2020 is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative powered by Pentalog to support three social causes in the areas of health, education, and sports.

The idea was so inspiring that I decided to make it more challenging. Besides calling for everyone in the company to be more active in these #stayhome times, we went the extra mile and transformed kilometers in euros.

Together, We Rock!

It wasn’t surprising to see so many colleagues getting involved right away. The first few thousand km happened quickly through cycling and running. The sportiest Pentaguys and Pentagirls led the way, and many more started converting kilometers into good deeds by walking, hiking, kayaking, and even paragliding. The news then spread to every Pentalog office, and colleagues in France, Vietnam, Mexico, and Moldova also wanted to chip in.

I cannot completely describe the bond I instantly felt with all of these people around the globe, some of which I don’t even know very well or haven’t met. We all became united in our mission to complete the task and gather the necessary kilometers to support the projects we care dearly about: Hospice Casa Sperantei, AVE (Asociatia pentru Valori in Educatie), and rugby club C.S. Manastur from Cluj.

Pentagirl during PentaSport Challenge 2020

“When you are going through a tough moment, the toughest in your life, your only wish is being home next to the people you love. In Bucharest, for instance, there are only two full teams of palliative home care doctors, nurses, and therapists, and both come from the Foundation HOSPICE Casa Speranței. These teams offer home care for patients suffering from incurable diseases, and we are grateful to our partners from Pentalog for their support and help to get to them more easily. Every step the participants walked, their effort, engagement, and generosity translated into 120 home care visits for our HOSPICE team. We thank everyone for being with us. Together, we proved one more time that there are no limits when it is about doing good deeds and that HOSPICE is each of us!”Mirela Nemtanu, Executive Director, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei.

“Our partnership with Pentalog is the perfect example of a long-lasting collaboration between a sports club and a private partner. Together with Pentalog, who is our main sponsor, we have led a small club into a valued team at a national and international level. Thank you, Pentalog. It is as we always say in rugby: ‘It doesn’t matter who is in front of you, but who is next to you.’”Lorin Cantor, President, CS Manastur.

Sports Are in Our DNA

And that’s not all. For most of us, sports are in our DNA. We’ve had many opportunities to show both our talent and kind hearts by participating in several sporting competitions as a group or individually. There’s PentaBike, our internal bike competition; PentaHike gathers people passionate about mountains who regularly organize hike tours; PentaOpen is Pentalog’s tennis tournament. And, we participate in several marathons and other types of competitions.

Many of us enjoy a healthy lifestyle, in which physical activities contribute to our well-being. I never knew that the company has so many experienced trail runners and mountain bikers who can cover long distances in a single route.

Some of our colleagues felt motivated and started investing time in physical exercise before or after work. Many of us rediscovered our neighborhoods or places we’d forgotten.

PentaSport Challenge 2020

I felt a positive competition between us through our eagerness to jump into our running or biking shoes before the day ends, sharing magnificent photos taken in nature in our sports group, and displaying encouragement and feedback (in the shape of likes and hearts on social media).

Families went out more often because mom or dad had to take on this challenge. Overall, we also had fun and felt like we’re part of a bigger picture. And yes, this activity brought us closer!

We Did It!

By August 31st, we had more than 10,000 km registered on our sports tracker applications. Then, we launched a new challenge: log another 2,500 km within a week to support ACS Rugby Junior Cluj.

“Bring it on!” – Pentaguys answered.

Five weeks later, we reached our target. 12,977 km will become 12,977 euros, and we’ll donate the sum, as planned, to four different associations that we selected for the diversity of the causes they fight for.

Almost 100 colleagues in every Pentalog agency took part in our summer PentaSport challenge. Congratulations to all; together, we rock! We offer kudos to many Pentaguys and Pentagirls for their valuable contribution.

In the meantime, we’ll carry on. As always, we will continue challenging our colleagues, supporting them with everything they need, and getting involved in our community to accomplish more good deeds.

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