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Business Intelligence & Data Management: Pentalog’s new BI solution

Pierre Peutin
Pierre Peutin
Chief Data Officer and Accounting / Financial IT Systems Consultant
  • As your data represent an important part of your company’s capital,
  • As the volume of these data grows exponentially,
  • and as it is important to be able to manage these assets within a flexible, scalable environment without exhausting your whole budget with the infrastructure,

Pentalog has created a new offer targeted at SMEs and key accounts that includes all the above in order to provide you with high quality retrieval services and thus enable you to take appropriate decisions in increasingly shorter timeframes.This new offer, “Business Intelligence & Data Management”, is structured around 4 axes which will allow you to make the most of all your data, including the ones collected from the social networks and the new communication media (video, etc.) and to reach a new level of quality for your indicators:

  • Intelligent business & business intelligence: a high-end business intelligence concept where every indicator should have an impact on your business.
  • Big Data Strategy: how to combine and make the most of large amounts of data that are highly heterogeneous in terms of shape and source (videos, tweets, social networks, e-mails, remote data collection etc.)
  • BI in the Cloud: certainly one of the most modern ways to use its reporting tool and benefit from all the Cloud advantages!

What if you changed your outlook on BI by opting for an OLAP cube?Watch our presentation on pentalog.tv to discover all the advantages of OLAP cubes.Please feel free to contact Sophie Lelarge for further information.

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