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AI in Mobile Applications: The Next Tech Trend

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

Though an incredibly powerful tool, with huge market potential, Artificial intelligence might still seem underutilized at the moment, due to AI being a complex technology. A few companies have been using AI for a while. Netflix, for one, uses basic AI to recommend the next movie you should watch. Dating websites use sophisticated algorithms to find you a match, and the intelligent voice recognition software that powers apps like Siri and Cortana is becoming more and more powerful every day.

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Ready for Innovation

While AI is becoming more powerful all the time, we are still waiting for the next big innovation in terms of applying this technology and making it prevalent in our everyday lives. Smartphones are poised to serve as the vehicle that injects AI into our daily routines. Everyone is carrying internet connected computers around in their pockets with electronic eyes and ears that can collect and process data. Developers need to use AI to harness the power of smartphones and big data to begin the next big wave of IT innovation.

AI is more than just automation; it can take types of applications that we already have and make them more intelligent. We already have fitness applications, but imagine a smarter version where you can set a goal and the app automatically collects data about your exercise level and heart rate to suggest new workout plans.

Think of the Possibilities

Imagine a real personal assistant application that does more than just recognize your voice to initiate phone calls or perform internet searches. AI could power a virtual assistant that responds to e-mails and manages your agenda for you or that finds and collects data on potential clients and partners and sends you relevant information before you go to meetings.

Chatbots are becoming smarter and smarter thanks to AI and chat interfaces might begin to replace traditional UIs. This trend has already begun in China. Applications like WeChat (Weixin in China) allow a user to pay bills, transfer money, hail a taxi and more just through a chat application. Smarter chatbots will help companies with online services simplify and improve their customer interaction process.

In short, the power of artificial intelligence in mobile applications can be used to analyze a user’s behavior patterns, make suggestions, and even take autonomous action. Most traditional applications cannot do this or can only do so in a rudimentary fashion. In addition to increasing functionality, AI will also increase the speed of applications as they will not need to wait for user input in order to function. They will continuously collect and analyze data on their own and be ready to react to specific user requests.

Increased Marketing Potential

A feature of artificial intelligence that is especially appealing to companies is that it will increase the accuracy of targeted ads. Websites like Amazon already have algorithms in place to recommend products to users, but they often lack sophistication and their recommendations are not always very accurate or appealing to customers. Intelligent algorithms will soon be used with all types of phone applications to create targeted advertising and will change how all companies approach marketing.

The Next Big Trend

The hardware to support AI already exists; the world is just waiting for enterprising developers to unleash its potential. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and others are already investing in the development of artificial intelligence. In September 2016, Microsoft started a research branch with 5,000 employees dedicated entirely to AI research. Some big companies have also begun to purchase AI focused startups to start working on key projects. The intelligent mobile apps trend could very well kick off this year. There are already many opportunities out there for developers and businesses interested in AI projects and soon there might be a lot more. If you are building a dev team for an AI project and need help with recruitment or decision making, Pentalog can help.

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