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Mobile app development outsourcing: reduce time-to-market!

Catalina Murariu
Catalina Murariu
Product Owner

2017 is about mobile or nothing! Today’s apps are no longer built for smartphones alone. They also come in handy for wearables, connected homes, smart cars, IoT-enabled devices and much more. IoT, Augmented Reality (AR), Location based services (LBS): Opportunities are limitless, for entrepreneurs and consumers alike. All from a tap on your mobile. 50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020! Thus mobile app development should become a key concern for most businesses, which have to figure out how to embrace new data-centric opportunities and imagine new business models.Yet in such a dynamic and innovative context, competition is harsh and time-to-market a key issue. Read the following success story to find out how resorting to an outsourced team of mobile developers can help you deal with timing constraints and successfully launch your mobile app.


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Fast ramp-up + Agile methodology to launch a mobile app within 6 months

This success story is about a European startup owning a platform where clients can quickly find a craftsman (less than 2 hours) from a network of trusted professionals available 24/7, no matter the problem users might have in their household (sink leak, plumbing, Internet, etc.), based on a business model inspired by Uber. They had an ambitious goal: get their mobile application ready for production within 6 months. Since the target market segment was already a hot zone, they needed to quickly and massively launch their product and decided to rely on Pentalog. We managed to ramp up a team of 10 mobile developers in less than 1 month and began to develop everything from scratch. Located in Iasi (Romania), the mobile team had to synchronize with a back-end and web team in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). Our skilled experts have worked on:- 4 mobile apps (2 iOS apps and 2 Android apps)- 2 web responsive apps- 1 back-office- all background systems and logic, modular architecture integrated in the cloud and the front-endOur PO went to the client’s premises to help them clearly define specifications and translate their needs into workflows, specific tasks, and detailed user stories. He held various workshops with the client to share agile best practices, come up with the best functional and technical solutions and finally deliver an MVP ready for production.Ask for a quoteAmong the other few challenges of the project, our mobile team had to adapt to the fast changing requirements of the client and succeeded in implementing them on the run while preserving the high quality of deliverables. Their accurately planned roadmap helped them release in June part of the system the client needed for creating their database of service providers. In the following 2 months, things went really fast, our mobile experts proving to be very resourceful and inventive in making sure that the evolution of that database did not affect the final delivery. They managed to do it within deadline and budget.The final result was a secure, scalable and easy-to-use mobile app used by both clients and service providers. Our web and mobile teams continue to work on the maintenance and evolution of our client’s application, delivering production-ready features at the end of each sprint. Happy end users, happy client, mission accomplished!“Congrats on your great and hard work! Thanks to your wonderful team, we were able to launch the app as planned at the beginning of the project. It’s just the start of our story and we hope we will continue to do a great job together!” (Client testimonial)


Learn more about mobile development first hand: register for our free webinar about the 10 mistakes you should avoid in a mobile app project.If you need help to choose the best IT outsourcing location, we would be more than glad to assist you. Contact us!If you’re not sure where to start and what best suits your needs, read more about the Android vs iOS dilemma or contact us to talk about the mobile project you have in mind.You can also check out our entire list of mobile profiles or our price catalog.

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