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How to reduce the integration costs of an embedded software by more than 50%?

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

This is the challenge that Pentalog took up with its Embedded Systems offer for a major player on the telephony market.

The industrial companies are prepared to entrust nearshore partners such as Pentalog with the validation before production, testing, integration and design of their electronic products … in order to maintain their focus on product innovation and cutting costs.

The characteristics of an Embedded project from innovation to production (embedded system

What are the specific features of embedded development? What are Pentalog’s strong points? What do the industrial companies have to gain from outsourcing? In order to find answers to these three questions, I will tell you a few words about the setting-up of the Pentalog Delivery Center in Sibiu, Romania.

Quality comes first

First of all, the main feature of embedded development is to demand a much higher quality level from a classic information system development.

The association of electronic components and computer code is less flexible than a software, where it is relatively easier to modify a code. As for Embedded System development, being wrong is not an option.

A dedicated team of 25 specialized engineers recruited within 3 monthsIn 2006, Pentalog sets up from scratch a new delivery center in Sibiu, Romania, in order to host 25 engineers specialized in telephone communications, recruited within 3 months by the People Centric IT recruitment agency. Their mission: to put their expertise in 2G at the client’s service, a major industrial player on the telephony market, and integrate technology in a mobile phone prior to production.

An operational dedicated team, adapted to customer’s growthAt the end of a 3 to 6-month training held in France at the client’s site, his dedicated team is perfectly operational. Barely 8 months after its setup, the Pentalog delivery center in Sibiu now regroups 50 embedded engineers specialized in telephony communications. Today, the team counts 90 engineers, fully conversant with the latest 3G/4G technologies and specific procedures such as conformity tests and field tests.

Pentalog’ strong points

Pentalog's strong pointsOur engineers specialized in embedded development know how to integrate IT code into electronic material and send the data to an information system.

  • package design,
  • management of 3G telephone communication technologies
  • information system integration
  • design of sensor data collection systems
  • management of cable, radio frequency, Wifi, bluetooth transmissions
  • work carried out on firmware, drivers… and software, if necessary

Pentalog supports its clients through each step of the process:

      • analysis
      • design: we can provide plans, a technical file
      • customer technology integration
      • tests
      • validation at the manufacturing plant (in China, India, South America…)


The pictures used in this article are taken from the White Paper on embedded systems, available for download on our portal.

PortalThis paper is the result of a series of interviews with outstanding professionals we would like to thank for their active participation:

            • Stéven Bourhis, Head of Hardware Reference Platforms Operations ST Ericsson
            • Laurent Maleysson, former General Manager at Coronis, Associate Manager at H2i Technologies, Associate Manager at Enekio Energy and CEO of Ikamai.

Finally, this document synthesizes the most important general (report ordered by the Ministry of Industry, the French software association AFDEL…) and sector-based considerations (D4Car, System@tic, Minalogic) by emphasizing these analyses based on market analysis (IDC, PAC, Gartner).

coming soonWhy outsource your embedded development?Useful links:-our offers and services for industrial companies-check all our videos on embedded development-connect to our extranet to download our brochures on our expertise in Embedded Systems:

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