A distinction is made between M2M (“machine to machine“) businesses which focus on connecting machines (mainly proprietary-ones like connected water or gas meters) and IoT, which uses common consumer services and is based on human-centric devices. Connected objects are at the heart new global business strategies.
We help you deliver what you have in mind at the right cost and right time!

Adressing M2M challenges

Just like for IoT, the main challenge for M2M devices lies in standardization. At Pentalog, we consider it is very important to meet the main end-to-end specifications for M2M focused on service layers that are using common architecture principles.

Our 50 specialized engineers help our clients to be more efficient and greener with intelligent and smart energy telemetry. They make final custumers’ user experience richer with connected health objects and help them to save money by offering a complete and agile platform of services. In each project, they take care of the following key requirements:

  • Standardization: if you don’t have a specific framework, open source M2M standardization will drive innovation and reduce maintenance.
  • Interoperability: our teams support you in creating an interoperable, open and secure environment.
  • Minimal footprint: because you will have to recycle your M2M device, we will choose the best components with the best environmental qualities.
  • Failover: we help you to increase the robustness of components to reduce maintenance costs.

Finally, our goal is just to help you to develop professional products that deliver the right information to the right people at the right time!

Providing full-stack support

We offer end-to-end services to design, connect and manage M2M products for companies from startups to fortune 500s in many industries ranging from energy to telecommunication:

  • Design of M2M objects
  • Prototyping, Proof Of Concept
  • Testing
  • Collecting, gathering, retrieving and exploiting data from your M2M products

M2M solutions include a telecom network (3G/4G), network of sensors, middleware, software and applications that are linked to the rest of the information system.
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