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Offshore product testing: the statement of a Pentalog client


Anevia, a solution and service provider for interactive TV and video on anevia-testing-produits-offshore-pentalog-300x49 demand (VoD) on different supports (TV, computers, mobile telephones) has entrusted Pentalog with the industrialization of its product testing process with the aim of optimizing quality while reducing costs. Since 2009, a dedicated team of 5 persons from our Vietnam-based offshore delivery center has been in charge of these activities.

François Gombault, Professional Services Manager at Anevia, has given us more insights:

Pentalog: Why have you decided to outsource your project?

F. Gombault: We have resorted to an outsourcing company in order to gain  immediate expertise with  product testing and software testing, skills that already existed inside our company, but which required full-time specialists. We had to build up a dedicated team and outsourcing made it possible within a very short period of time. Pentalog’s experience in product testing with Parrot convinced us.

Pentalog: How have you chosen your outsourcing provider?

F. Gombault: We have chosen  Pentalog Vietnam for different reasons:Hanoi-delivery-center-PentalogFirstly, it seemed very interesting to benefit from the jet lag that allowed the R&D teams in France and Vietnam to alternate tests and bug fixes in rapid succession, when necessary.SecondHanoi-équipe-offshore-Pentalogly, the location of Hanoï helped us to thoroughly test our DVB-S gateway products by means of the satellites that were previously inaccessible and to check their operation in Asia.Finally, the price conditions were attractive, this Asian center allowing us to approach regional clients by offering them the support of a local team.

Pentalog: What is the result of the collaboration between your company and Pentalog? More specifically, how was the project initiated in an offshore environment? What are the perspectives for this project?

F. Gombault: The project began with the one-month training of Phu (Pentalog’s team leader) on our premises, which allowed him to quickly specialize in our products and technologies.Afterwards, Pentalog selected different team members who were interviewed by Anevia. Anevia and Phu have implemented team operation tools and procedures, the work being regularized at a steady pace of one testing campaign per week.At present, the project team is growing bigger, at a rate higher than two testing campaigns per week and automatized tests give the teams the time to do intelligent research… The collaboration goes beyond the separate test activity as the Hanoï team is now actively involved in project management, R&D and commercial procedures.

Pentalog: What are the benefits of this collaboration? What are Pentalog’ strong points?

F. Gombault: This project has resulted into a very fast quality growth of our products, as well as a decrease in the number of technical interventions after deployment for our clients.Pentalog’ strong point consisted in the way it has built its team on a core of solid, well-maintained technical competence and human value. Pentalog’s quality approach must also be underlined.

Pentalog : Why would you recommend Pentalog?

F. Gombault: Because Pentalog has known how to cater to us and to quickly react in order to adjust to our needs.More details are available on our service offer regarding testing of information systems and embedded systems.You can also download different documents and white papers about Pentalog’s expertise in the field of embedded systems and product testing from our service portal. It’s free of charge!

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