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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Freelancers for Your Startup

Alexandre Vallin
Alexandre Vallin
General Manager Pentalog Freelances

With any starting business, startups require investment. A big portion of investment is time. If it’s either acquiring VC funding or bootstrapped, it’s cheaper to waste time than money. Do your startup homework: You’ve got the idea, you’ve brainstormed, you’ve put a pitch deck together; now what? Investment, brand awareness, product-market fit, clients, retaining clients- these are just some of the factors founders need to consider alongside if you want to hire freelancers for startup.

This alone is a time-consuming event to which most startups get wrong. Services like Pentalog take care of this.

Hire Freelancers

Why Should You Hire Freelancers For Your Startup?

Today’s workforce is evolving at an unbelievable pace. More and more workers are adopting a freelance lifestyle: freedom and autonomy. Therefore, startups – hiring freelancers offer a lot of growth potential for businesses, too. Below are three reasons why.

Reason #1: Cost-Effective

One of the main reasons why startups hire freelance(s) is their cost-effective service for that business. Often or not, freelancers are brought in for miscellaneous projects, therefore, that business is only paying for the freelancer’s time.

Reason #2: Access to top-tier talent

Freelancers are highly specialized in their subject field. This specialty/popularity has increased over the years due to assessment platforms such as SkillValue allowing the freelancer to test their technical ability in any language such as: JavaScript, PHP, Vue.JS, and highlights their results for prospecting businesses to see. So, if you’re looking for someone with extensive experience in their industry – freelancers are the way to go.

Reason #3: Better quality of work

A recent article suggested that there is still a misconception around ‘working from home’ and that freelancers don’t offer the same level of expertise compared to projects completed inside the office. However, this theory is untrue – freelancers don’t have to go through the tedious trial and error period. They’ve mastered their craft and are able to work from the get-go.


Where Should a Startup go to when Hiring Freelancers

Using platforms such as Pentalog Freelancers helps startups find and hire freelance software developers. What’s unique about SkillValue is their proprietary assessment platform which allows business owners the chance to hand pick their favorite developers. Their subject-matter-experts will define the technical tests, pre-screen candidates and house their soft/hard skill sets for business owners to see.

Startups, freelancers are a huge asset to your business – it’s wise, efficient and responsible. Freelancers ensure that within the business, all mission-critical-objectives are met.


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