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How loyal are freelancers to a freelancing website?

Vincent de Jonghe
Vincent de Jonghe
Deputy CTO Pentalog Freelancers

In current conditions signing up for a platform or site has never been easier. Today, freelancing websites are just the right destination for professionals who want to choose the type of work they do or manage how much work they take on. Some freelancers register on a job website, accept an assignment, do the job well, and then delete their account. Other freelancers swear by a particular platform and prefer to offer their services there exclusively for years. It makes us wonder: Why are some freelancers committed to a platform while others come and go?

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3 Key F-Words: Freedom for Fair Freelancing

Despite deriving from the word “freedom,” many freelancers become hostages of a lack of time or project management skills. Administrative responsibilities, lack of benefits, and detachment from the professional community are some of the downsides of freelancing that they face every day. This is exactly the reason why many freelancers stick to joining platforms that can handle these issues, while they are motivated to focus on doing their job.

Let’s say one day you realize that your team needs an in-house developer to complete a project. As is often the case, you actually needed this person yesterday, but you’ve only now figured this out. As usual, your time is valuable, and financial resources are limited. Your best option is a freelancer. In this case, you’ll most likely search for freelancing websites to find a reliable platform with loyal freelancers. The only question left to be answered is how? Freelancers frequent platforms that:

  1. Match clients with freelancers who have relevant previous expertise, as well as hard and soft skills required for a specific assignment;
  2. Facilitate contact and communication with clients;
  3. Handle administrative responsibilities and billing;
  4. Have a quick hiring process and a database of active freelancers;
  5. Assess their skills and provide them with development opportunities.
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Working with freelancing websites provides independent workers with access to a broad spectrum of clients, from collaborations with promising startups to landing the ultimate gig with a billion-dollar company.

Freelancing Websites: Bridges That Are Not Meant to Be Burned

Today, many professionals are shifting to the gig economy; this market is growing and shows no signs of stopping. As revealed in LinkedIn’s ProFinder Research, 80% of freelancers are confident that technology will not replace them, at least over the next 10-20 years.

Experience with a freelancing website may sometimes feel like having a long-distance relationship. You might laugh, but for this commitment to work, everyone involved must respect the needs and requests of their partner.

What do professionals want from a freelancing website?

  • Exciting projects
  • Opportunities for self-development
  • Punctual paychecks
  • Clear and well-defined objectives

And what do most clients want?

  • Quality guarantees
  • Professionals with a good reputation and certified skills
  • Transparent communication
  • Progress updates for each task


Standing together through thick and thin

In a rapidly changing world, the business value of loyalty shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if the freelancing website satisfies every requirement mentioned above, it comes down to two simple things: human interaction and a friendly approach. They can make all the difference.

Freelancers stay loyal when:

  • the platform features their relevant and current profiles
  • they can reach a customer service representative
  • there is a solid connection between freelancers and the website
  • they receive assignments based on their expertise, as well as client needs and requirements
  • they’re rewarded for good client feedback or being a loyal platform member
  • the freelancing website becomes a true partner and makes them feel secure

We’re not saying that freelancers on good platforms never have issues. The problem isn’t the existence of issues; it’s all about how they’re handled. Loyal freelancers are found on cooperative freelance websites.

Does your mission lack a freelance developer? Contact us to share more information and we will find a loyal freelancer for this position.


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