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Build your Dedicated, Full-Stack Web Development Team in just 2 Weeks!

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

It’s all about time-to-market! It has always been. In the tech world, crafting an outstanding digital product calls for full-stack web development skill sets to provide high-performance back-ends, cross-platform compatible user interfaces and above all else, an engaging UX.

Lacking the right people at the right time on your products’ journey will build massive walls between you and your customers, all while the competition is flying high and looking down.

Full-Stack Web Development

Looking for a smart and speedy solution to reduce your time-to-market? Building an outsourced team will help you find skilled developers and advance more rapidly. Contact us!

If you are a digital business, you’ve probably already faced the daunting task of recruiting well-versed professionals to build a full-stack development team on your own. Many companies like you have chosen outsourcing to advance faster, find the right tech stack to improve their product and free up more time for strategy-wise decisions.


Meet Your Full-Stack Web Development Team

Pentalog relies on dedicated full-stack web development teams with strong skills in creating software products using PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, JAVA, React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, and more.

These teams have in-depth experience in building a variety of web solutions including: e-commerce platforms, online booking apps, edtech tools, etc.

They are cohesive, Agile-driven units that share a common goal: delivering value to your business. They apply Lean thinking and DevOps practices to maximize the value of your collaboration in terms of quality, time, and costs.

Team structure

A typical Pentalog team is managed in Agile mode and includes:

  • A Product Owner in charge of defining the client’s vision and sharing it within the development team
  • A Scrum Master who ensures Agile principles are followed
  • Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack Developers responsible for building your product
  • QA Engineers in charge of validating the quality and performance of your project

Take a look at some profiles available to start within 2 weeks. They have the business experience and tech skills to turn your project into success.



A wide range of skills

PHP powers over 80% of the World Wide Web and its capabilities place the PHP tech stack at the top of our recommendations for back-end development, along with frameworks like Symfony, Laravel or Phalcon.

At the front-end side of your project, technologies like React, Angular and Vue.js are the skills to look for when building a great product.

PHP is the go-to choice of many disciplines, but if it does not match your needs you can opt for any other technology that better suits your business’ profile.

In terms of team size, you can ramp your outsourced team up or down, add new profiles or reduce the number of developers mastering the same skill set according to your growth strategy and time-to-market challenges.


What to Look for when Outsourcing?

Before building an outsourced team, there are several questions to ask yourself:

  • How quickly do I need to advance?
  • What time-zone difference will work for me?
  • What skills do I need?
  • Which aspects of the project management do I want to handle myself?

In an outsourced project, flexibility and adaptability are key. Depending on your preferences and business specificity, we can provide nearshore or offshore teams and make sure their hard and soft skills match your vision, goals, and growth strategy.

Your collaboration with a remote team will feel like working side by side, irrespective of your location.

Are your ready to meet your team and start an outsourcing collaboration?



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