e-commerce website - Missguided

What can one of the fastest growing companies in the UK do to keep its e-commerce website up to date and engaging? Missguided asked itself the same question before turning to Pentalog to revamp its website, which included adding new features and ensuring everything was running at full efficiency.


Missguided is a multi-channel retailer focused on selling trendy clothing to young women in the 16-35-year age bracket. Founded in 2009 by Nitin Passi, they have become a leading fashion retailer, using an agile approach that helps them deliver affordable products to their customers before trends hit.


Their signature edgy looks and broad product range have driven global development in recent years. The company now sells to over 160 countries and is locally active in the US, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Spain with future plans for further international expansion and a loyal following of 4.2 million social media fans worldwide across multiple platforms.


For all online companies, it is necessary to have both a stable and well-designed E-commerce website, especially during a period of rapid expansion. An underperforming website or one lacking the newest features can easily dissuade new customers from choosing a company’s service. Missguided recognized this and called upon Pentalog to help ensure that their website was up to date.


The solution began when Missguided visited our delivery center in Bucharest in September 2016 and met with our CEO, Delivery Center Manager, and some of our experts to experience how a possible project would function. Just one month later, they began working with 2 Pentalog Magento developers and ramped the team up to 5 the month after that. After another few months, they decided to take another Pentalog team member to focus on QA. 


Usually, Pentalog developers work independently as a dedicated team for our clients. However, in this project Pentalog’s developers were dispersed into 3 teams made up of experts from both companies. These mixed teams worked together as one cohesive unit to revamp the Missguided website. Together, the developers worked on both the frontend and backend of the website, making sure everything was up to date while adding new features to both ends.


This collaboration is still ongoing but many upgrades to Missguided’s website have already been realized. Missguided has been satisfied with the skillsets of Pentalog’s team members and especially happy with the cooperative and well organized collaboration between our developers. We will continue to work closely together as this project continues.