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Outsourced Magento Developers: Smart Recipe to Craft E-commerce Apps

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

Your team of Magento developers in Romania is ready to roll in less than 30 days!

Looking for a quick and easy recipe to “bake” engaging e-commerce solutions using PHP technologies and wondering where to find the right IT professionals to set up your project? Choose a team of highly skilled Magento developers in an Eastern European IT outsourcing destination to speed up your product development capacity.

A Scrum Master, a Product Owner, 2 PHP – Magento Developers, 1 ReactJS developer and 1 QA Engineer are ready to start your project in our Delivery Center based in Cluj, Romania by the end of January.

Receive a 10% discount on our nearshore Romania prices your first month & a 5% discount each month after that.

Also, take full advantage of a cohesive team of Magento developers used to working together the Agile way:

  • Resource-efficiency – Save the in-house resources you would spend looking for developers on your own, by taking advantage of a readily available solution.

  • Availability – Our team is ready to tackle your e-commerce development challenges right away. Your project will be up and running before the end of January.

  • Experience – Our PHP-Magento team is cross-functional, with a rich technical and business know-how to meet all your expectations.

  • Lean & Agile practices – From MVP to fully-featured digital product, you will see your project grow step by step through frequent deliveries, and will be able to adjust it at any stage.

Looking for skilled Magento developers? Choose your team right now!




Romania is an increasingly competitive destination for both nearshore and offshore projects, boasting over 80,000 IT professionals throughout the country. Pentalog has been operating in this Eastern European IT Outsourcing destination since 1999 through 4 Delivery Centers located in the country’s major IT hubs: Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov and Iasi.

Our dedicated teams have earned the trust of clients from a wide range of industries: e-commerce, EdTech, entertainment, automotive, FinTech, media and more.

Ready to build your e-commerce platform with a Magento development team in Cluj?



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