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E-commerce development: a CIO has chosen our IT outsourcing services

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

The CIO of a Top 100 e-commerce company in France has contacted Pentalog for staffing a PHP development team. Their e-commerce development project will be soon outsourced.e-commerce-development-project

To recruit or to staff?

To recruit or to staff, this is the question that all CIOs ask themselves.Do you have an e-commerce development project?Contact me and let’s talk.On the one hand, if you recruit, you’ll be able to rely on an e-commerce development team onsite, a team that will be directly involved in the technical challenges related to the performance of your website. On the other hand, if you staff an e-commerce development team in outsourcing mode, you’ll be able to:

  • quickly meet your demand for PHP, Symfony, MySQL etc. developers See our list of IT profiles
  • reduce the turnover risks of the most popular full-stack developer profiles
  • make your Information Systems Department more flexible and adapt the size of your team to meet your specific project needs
  • optimize your e-commerce development budget thanks to our nearshore (Romania, the Republic of Moldova) and offshore (Vietnam) competitive rates

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The benefits of outsourcing your e-commerce development project with Pentalog

  • Fast ramp-up of front-end/back-end developer and tester profiles
  • Multilingual development teams
  • Agile methodology and culture that accelerates time to market
  • ROI priority for your e-commerce project concerning the choice of user stories
  • Business savvy: our developers are dedicated to providing high quality service, security, and indexing of your e-commerce site
  • Competitive average daily rates

Our new client’s Information Systems Department consists of almost 40 professionals involved in technical, development, operating and testing activities. Pentalog has reinforced this department with a dedicated e-commerce team made up of:

  • a French-speaking Project Director based in France, Serghei GOLOBORODICO
  • a senior Scrum Master
  • an intermediate Product Owner made available to the client
  • a senior PHP developer
  • an intermediate PHP developer
  • an intermediate tester

Are you in need of a similar team? Contact usThe French-speaking skills of the Pentalog team was one of our biggest assets in this deal. In addition, the recommendation of another client of ours, also a Top 100 e-commerce leader, convinced this CIO to choose us.See our client testimonialsecommerce-development-teamSerghei GOLOBORODICO, the Pentalog Project Director appointed to assist the CIO, is the client’s direct point of contact. The Project Director is based in our headquarters, Château des Hauts, only 1 hour away from Paris. His role? To facilitate the kick-off of the outsourcing project. He proposed working in Agile (Scrum) mode and added a Product Owner to the team.In fact, after analyzing the first specifications sent by the client, it became clear that the project was missing an important component, so a Product Owner was quickly added. Exchanges between the client and the Project Director have helped the client develop his ROI culture: measuring the business value of user stories and giving priority to the most useful features.

Full-stack developers at the service of an e-commerce project

What is the project about? It focuses on rebuilding an e-commerce back office and the design of a new application. The specifications provided by the client required a deep analysis from our Technical Department. Pentalog appointed a senior e-commerce consultant, Andrei Sajin, and an advanced Business Analyst to make the estimations. Following several meetings with the client’s Technical Department and Product Owner, we were able to present

More precisely, the e-commerce development mission covers the following aspects

The profiles proposed by Pentalog are senior PHP5 developers specialized in Symfony2 and with a Bootstrap and REST experience. They also give high priority to performance, indexing and IT security.Do you have an e-commerce project?e-commerce-infographic

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