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How do you Choose the Best IT Outsourcing Location?


Get your Priorities in Order

Cutting costs should never be your number one priority when selecting an outsourcing partner.  When selecting an outsourcing destination it is important to find the balance between cost, quality, compatibility, and proximity. This balance is never going to be the same for every company or project but here are a few pieces of advice that can help guide your decision.

Choosing your IT outsourcing location is not just a matter of cost. You should also take into consideration quality, and proximity. Learn more about IT outsourcing in Romania.
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One important factor in choosing an outsourcing partner is compatibility, not just with language but with corporate culture. These days language is not much of a barrier, virtually everyone working in an international environment can speak English. Many outsourcing centers, especially in Eastern Europe have developers that can communicate in multiple languages in addition to English.Finding an outsourcing partner that is compatible with your corporate culture and organizational structure can be more of a challenge. In the IT world we can find a sort of international corporate culture when it comes to Scrum and Agile practices.  Even if every organization has specific ways of doing things, this common framework can make it easier for organizations to work together. The key to success in any collaboration is communication, where each party expresses what they expect to see from the other.


Another question you want to ask is how far away you want your outsourcing partner to be. If having almost the same amount of working hours in common with your partner is important to you then nearshoring is what you want.  In addition to common working hours, it is easy to visit the offices of your nearshore team and for them to visit your home base.Nearshoring to Eastern Europe is becoming a more and more popular choice for countries like France, Germany, and the UK as there are highly skilled and reliable developers to be found at affordable rates in countries like Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and other locations. Countries like Canada and the United States often search for their nearshore talent in Central and South America.


However, having common working hours is not always a top priority. There are even cases when time zone difference can be an asset (for testing activities for instance). If you are working on a project where close cooperation is not a necessity, choosing an offshoring solution is a viable option. Many companies are using Asia as their preferred IT offshoring destination of choice due to the large economic benefits.Finding a cost-effective IT offshoring option is easy but finding one that is reliable is a challenge. More distance means that you need to work harder to build trust. Visiting your offshore team and keeping strong lines of communication will help to accomplish this.

Quality has a Cost

The goal of choosing an outsourcing partner should never be about finding the cheapest possible option. When it comes to services you get what you pay for. Yes you can find offshore IT developers for 15 dollars an hour but they may not produce the quality of work you expect at a speed that you find acceptable.Competent IT developers from Bucharest to Bali expect fair remuneration for their skills, and the quality they produce is worth it while still costing less than doing everything in house. When looking for developers your search criteria should revolve around the skills and qualifications you need and not the price tag.

IT Professionals are Everywhere

There is a shortage of qualified developers in the countries where they are most in demand. Outsourcing is not just a cost saving option but a solution to talent shortages. IT professionals live everywhere, any country can be a good choice for outsourcing if it has the skills you need and a location that you find compatible. Contact us today to learn more about what outsourcing can do for your organization.Download Pentalog’s price list.

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