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In search of IT services outsourcing? Come and visit our Delivery Centers!

Pierre Peutin
Pierre Peutin
Chief Data Officer and Accounting / Financial IT Systems Consultant

Outsourcing your IT services goes beyond trusting a third party with the creation of a product or solution. The process must be part of a real corporate strategy entailing an engaging and productive approach. This is why we have always taken time to explain to our clients what we do, how we do it, and what the costs are. But in order to understand how the entire process works, maybe you should first come and visit our delivery centers.

What are the benefits of this discovery circuit? Among other things, you can:

  • check out your service provider’s premises
  • speak to your collaborators face to face
  • better understand their culture and share your own corporate culture
  • spot the constraints that a long-distance relationship may bring along

If you are not yet convinced, we offer you 4 free circuits of 3-4 days to our Delivery Centers! The main idea is very simple. Besides witnessing our working methods and meeting our teams, you can equally check out the town and local cuisine in the late afternoons and evenings. You do not have to worry about anything. We will pick you up at the airport and accompany you throughout your entire staying. After visiting our premises with the Delivery Center Manager, you can also meet our deputy CEO or COO to discuss more strategic and commercial aspects. Project managers or project directors will present you the main site projects, with the possibility to interview some of our employees to assess their technical, functional and linguistic skills.

In order to make your staying even more interesting and colorful, we offer you both highly-specialized circuits for each field of activity and more general circuits:

  • the “e-Commercecircuit: you will visit Iasi (Romania) and Chisinau (the Republic of Moldova) to meet our e-Commerce and m-Commerce employees working for the main actors in the sector (such as sensee.com, promovacances.com or Meetic). This will show you how our multilingual employees mingle responsiveness and outsourcing while reducing time-to-market.
  • the “software publisherscircuit: you will visit some of our biggest delivery centers located in Brasov (Romania) and Chisinau (the Republic of Moldova) to meet our teams specialized in software publishing. Irrespective of the organization type (client side or internal) or the appropriate methods, you will be able to attend our successful projects, including the post-production phases: cloud maintenance, hosting and supervision.
  • the “embedded systems” circuit: Sibiu (Romania) is, beyond any doubt (and for good reason!), our most specialized delivery center out of 7! Our engineers develop and test in their laboratories cutting edge embedded systems. You will be also able to discover our Bucharest development and delivery center where you can relate to engineers specialized in telecom and mass market products.
  • the “discovery” circuit: is the most classical one as it is targeted at the entire company wanting to outsource the creation or maintenance of an IT project. By visiting two capitals in Eastern Europe (Bucharest and Chisinau), you will have the chance to meet collaborators specialized in a wide range of technologies and understand very different, yet so interesting projects.

If following your visit you decide to become a Pentalog client, we will bear all circuit-related costs (except meals and personal purchases) as a first commercial proof of our total commitment in building a transparent future relationship. If this should not be the case we will however support you with up to 50% of your trip costs.

If you want to subscribe, do not hesitate to contact Sophie Lelarge, our Sales Director, at or slelarge@pentalog.fr.

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