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India, more: here we are


Following our preceding posts (which you can read here), I just want to add a few new details to our program. I want to thank again all those who have already contacted us about this, and who have commented on our posts on this blog or social networks.The project has since then, been clarified a little more… Subject to last minute changes, Fred and I should be:- in Chennai on 05 and 06/11,- then on to Pondicherry on the weekend of the 07-08/11,- then up to Bangalore on 09 and 10/11.Maybe, we will also get to Mumbai or elsewhere, there are so many interesting places, we unfortunately had to make a choice. We can not meet all the people who have expressed an interest in the project notes. That said, we shall certainly deepen our study and then have the opportunity to travel to other cities.Those interested in meeting with us and are available on those dates and locations listed above, can contact me directly by email. We have already identified a few potential partners and want to meet as many candidates as possible: young project managers and entrepreneurs, technical experts in the areas of interest (embedded systems), but also academics, students and teachers who can help us assess the level of technical expertise and the level of French in the cities where we shall be going. People working in R&D centers and other special schools (IT and avionics sectors) will also be a part of our research target.So much for the latest details. The next post on this subject will certainly be published just before our departure. Therefore keep following us…

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