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Investing in Romania’s IT potential


The value of Hi-Tech outsourcing services on the export market has experienced a significant growth in relation to last year’s performance, with 16% more, which makes it a record number in Romania, according to the data provided by Romania’s Central Bank. The IT market has continued its expansion, solidifying its presence on the Romanian export map and becoming one of the most steady and reliable sources of economic development. In fact, it has exceeded tourism revenue for the fourth consecutive year, with EURO 2.5 billion generated for the country’s economy, while the value brought by tourism has only increased by 1%. Overall, IT services exports have represented 14% of the total Romanian exports in 2016.

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In an interview about Romania’s success in exporting over 2 billion euros worth of IT services in 2016, Monica Jiman, CEO Pentalog Software Factory, has stated that maintaining a stable growth along with a continuous evolution and adaptation is very much related to the level of predictability of the country’s fiscal environment. Pentalog’s expansion in Romania, as well as in other delivery centers, including New York, has undoubtedly contributed to the software development market and IT consulting services sector. Investing in Romania is subject to the existence of a stable and predictable fiscal environment. Our growth strategies can only be carried out as planned as long as there’s a steep growth in investing in young talent and this is an aspect we are continually trying to improve and nurture.

Just as Monica stated, we want to continue to invest in building an even stronger expertise in Romania, in training fresh graduates and bringing new and exciting projects along with innovative products. The collective efforts that have been made in this direction have also resulted in a more competitive and attractive Romanian IT market, thus turning it into an important investment hub on the global map.

This, along with the increasing need for well-trained professionals has boosted the average income for an IT expert, which in December 2016 resulted in the biggest growth registered so far: with approximately 20% more than the previous year around the same time.

This definitely matches our HR approach as we believe that investing in people’s potential is the best strategy a company could adopt!

Download Pentalog price list!

Download Pentalog price list!

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