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ISO 9001:2008 Certification: renewal guaranteed!

Aleth Delcenserie
Aleth Delcenserie
Chief Quality Officer
(Founding Partner)

Following a 1000 km road trip and 5 days of audits performed on Pentalog sites in Brasov, Iasi and Chisinau, the AFNOR auditor has just decided in favour of the renewal of our ISO 9001:2008 certificate*, and its extension to People Centric, our recruitment subsidiary.During one week, the top and middle management, our sales activities, our human resources management activities (recruitment, skills management, training), our support activities (purchasing, information systems), our improvement loop, as well as a dozen projects have been audited. The sampling was highly representative for the diversity of projects of the group: team made up of 25 to 40 individuals, small teams, fixed-price projects, projects entirely steered by clients, outsourcing, recruitment, French projects, English projects; French, Belgian, German, Swiss customers …In all the audited sites, the auditor was able to acknowledge the compliance and the functionality of our quality management system, its flexibility and improvement, as well as its suitability to our needs for growth and responsiveness.Thus, there are numerous strong points emphasizing the involvement of the management in order to support and promote the continuous improvement in Pentalog (it outsourcing company), the maintenance of our growth rate and our financial results during this crisis period, a high recommendation rate from the part of our customers (93.55%), a well implemented system for the assignment of duties, the capacity of our system to adjust to our customers’ special requirements, a good use of tools to support our processes, an internal and customer communication, as well as a recognized sharing of good practices and knowledge.In addition, several progress trackings, all related to the system improvement loop, have been identified in order to continue to improve our efficiency and our know-how.Even if it’s not in my nature, today I am really proud of the progress we achieved together, over the past 4 years, and of the quality of the projects and activities we have presented during this week. Everybody’s involvement and efforts have not been for nothing, and today they are fairly rewarded.Many thanks to all the audited persons for their participation, and to all Pentalog employees who invest themselves, day by day, for the satisfaction of our clients, of their clients, and to sustain the growth of company for all.*Certified activities: SOFTWARE DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT, TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS PROCESSES OUTSOURCING and RECRUITEMENT.Sites concerned by the scope of the certification: France: Orléans ; Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Sibiu ; Moldova : Chisinau. Companies concerned: Pentalog, Pentalog Technology (JV with Ausy), People Centric.

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