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ISO certification: welcome Cluj!

Aleth Delcenserie
Aleth Delcenserie
Chief Quality Officer
(Founding Partner)

The ISO audit has come to an end and Mrs Anghelescu has handed in her conclusions: the AFNOR auditor has confirmed the maintenance of our ISO 9001: 2008 certification for the following:developer_en_V1– our IT development activities (Pentalog France, Pentalog Romania, Pentalog CHI, Pentalog Ausy) and the Pentalog delivery center in Cluj, Romania, founded in July 2011, has been added to the ISO certification scope as it has rapidly and successfully implemented the good practices of the group.- our recruitment activities Virtual Fanatic France, People Centric. Moreover, our auditor has identified or confirmed several strong points – requirements of the Standard which have been very well implemented:- knowledge sharing and teamwork within all the projects- risk analysis, identification and follow-up of preventive actions- data analysis within the projects and internal activities as well as the continuous improvement resulting from these- the tools for the follow-up and data analysis (namely the BI reports)- the internal satisfaction measurement and taking these results into account in the improvement process- the client satisfaction measurement by implementing quarterly mini-surveys leading to better reactivityThank you all for being extremely well prepared and for your day-to-day involvement in complying with the Group’s good practices which enabled us to achieve such good results. Congratulations to everyone!Aleth DELCENSERIE, Quality managerSee also our quality certifications for our IT services activitiesPentalog’s awards and prizes as well as the IT partnershipsLog in to our extranet and download our IT services catalogue.See the CV library for our team of 800 expert developers.

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