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ISO: we maintain our certification but with 2 observations

Aleth Delcenserie
Aleth Delcenserie
Chief Quality Officer
(Founding Partner)

Following the audits conducted in our Orléans headquarters, and Brasov and Sibiu delivery centers, the Afnor auditors confirm our ISO certification!The audit allowed them to identify many strong points, which highlight:

  • a rich prospecting and customer-focused system based on a rather exhaustive process that is constantly evolving,
  • high level activities regarding recruitment, collaborator integration and training, which is seldom a characteristic of other companies,
  • diverse and evolving tools implemented to support our processes,
  • real and visible activities of continuous improvement, which allow us to achieve better results with less effort.

But this year 2 observations have also been raised for the first time. They highlight some gaps we had already found during the internal audits and to which the auditors wanted to draw our attention:

  • the first one concerns the lack of systematic traceability of the offer reviews (internal validation of the business proposals before sending them to the client),
  • the second one lays emphasis on an insufficiently mature approach when implementing the corrective actions identified during the management reviews or meant to correct the discrepancies discovered during the internal audits. Thus, many still tend to place quality in parallel with the operational activities while quality should be a global priority intimately related to any activity. As well, many actions remain open instead of being monitored and traced until their closure.

Obviously this conclusion is not dramatic in itself but if we do not pay more attention to the last two issues, it is not certain that the auditors will be so lenient next year when we are renewing our certification. Therefore, 2014 will be a challenging year for quality on a daily basis!

I would like to thank again and congratulate all participants who have been audited this year!

Since December 24th 2008 Pentalog is ISO 9001:2008 certified by AFNOR in France (Orléans), Romania (Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, Sibiu) and the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau). Read more

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