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Need a Branch Manager for Bucharest

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

Frederic mentioned, in his past article he was going to modify the organizational chart, and the need for one or two more office managers in Romania. In the immediate, this means there is a need is to find a branch manager for the office in Bucharest.I will briefly explain the specificity of this post.Bucharest has a local business that employs more than 90% of the team. The rest of the team works on offshore projects, usually in the “niche” technologies or at very high technical levels. In the case of Bucharest, the office manager has two hats: one is related to the classical function of management and the other focused on developing business in the Romanian market.This means, in large terms, the office manager is responsible for achieving the development objectives set out by management. This person is furthermore responsible for recruitment and management of resources, the monitoring of his or her branch (expense structures, gross margin and net margin, the average cost of a producer etc…), and therefore the profitability of his agency. An important point: the office manager is the sponsor of all the projects taking place within his branch and client contact.The commercial element will be a very important challenge. We need to increase of our presence with our Romanian accounts. The current period is not favorable, but this is another subject that deserves another article. The local customers today are working with more than 25 people who are involved in various projects such as Datawarehouse telecom, banking applications migration, facilities etc… The objective in terms of new clients is to open, before the end of 2009 at least 3 new local accounts. The sales generated in 2008 from the Bucharest branch were approximately € 1.5 mil. Our goal for this year is € 2 million and sufficient enough projects to create 10 new posts in Bucharest.The position is open and there are already people who have declared their intention to support this position. The final decision will be made around September. So if you are interested, the challenge is open to everyone.

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