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Pentalog Scales Offshore Development Power to Deliver a Business-Critical Sales Platform for a Global Sportswear Leader

Serghei Goloborodico
Serghei Goloborodico
Senior Technology Consultant

As companies race to digitize in the post-COVID landscape, having an IT services partner who can quickly scale offshore development capacity and provide top developers on demand can make all the difference.

offshore development - Agile team available

That’s why Pentalog’s clients depend on our proven ability to deliver the right profiles and scale teams quickly to meet critical business priorities. Our work for a top global sportswear company illustrates this increasingly common situation.

As a globally recognized brand synonymous with excellence, expectations were high when integration of a new CRM exposed an urgent need to integrate multiple business-critical services – quickly and seamlessly.

Facing a project that meant re-engineering complex processes at the heart of its sales operations, the client realized there was no realistic way to expand its in-house team with the right level of talent quickly enough to meet the deadlines.


Pentalog’s Offshore Development Team Scales from 15 to 65

Based on a recommendation from an engineer familiar with our work, Pentalog was asked in late 2018 to launch an offshore team of 15 Java and React engineers, QA testers and Scrum Masters.

With a footprint eventually scaling to 4 European delivery centers and 65 team members (some working onsite), Pentalog ensured a rapid pace of onboarding while maintaining constant velocity and quality.

“These mission-critical services needed to flawlessly integrate data from multiple sources and support B2B sales to distributors, retailers and shops around the world,” commented Alexei Panin, a Pentalog Project Director.

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Initially working with a client-supplied architecture before assuming technical leadership, Pentalog built reusable services stable enough to handle B2B platforms such as Salesforce and SAP yet flexible enough to meet the needs of a dynamic market.

The complicated platform featured a slew of components:

  • Java-based tech stack
  • Microservices event-driven architecture
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Integration with multiple third-party systems

“Our offshore development team interacted with an elaborate ecosystem of dependencies and intricate business rules,” added Alexei. “On top of that, the client expected total commitment to performance, security and quality.”

By July of 2020, significant project milestones had been accomplished, and Pentalog began a planned ramp-down to around 30 team members.

Need to scale development capacity to meet critical business priorities? Onboard some of our best offshore engineering talent at no risk. Let’s talk!

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