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Serghei Goloborodico

Senior Technology Consultant

About Serghei Goloborodico

Serghei is a seasoned consultant with a genuine interest in driving technology teams to success and building lasting customer relationships.

With 20 years of experience in engineering, management, sales, and consulting, he helps clients navigate complex technical challenges and develop strategic technology roadmaps that align with their business goals.

As a consultant, he performs multiple types of technology leadership missions, including technical audits, technology due diligence, CTO as a Service and more.

His rich background as Account Executive, Project Director, Tech Lead and even Software Engineer has allowed him to develop a unique ability to bridge technical expertise with strategic thinking. He utilizes this skill to translate business requirements into successful technology implementations that drive business growth and innovation.

He is also the founder of Pentalog’s Delivery Center in Moldova, having led its evolution and transformation for over 11 years.