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Pentalog in the newspaper

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

A few days ago, we have been interwied by Wall-Street in Romania. The article is about the main figures we released at the beginning of the year, the results of 2009 and the main thrusts of the 2010 Pentalog strategy:https://www.wall-street.ro/articol/IT-C-Tehnologie/80236/Outsourcing-ul-si-criza-Cum-abordeaza-Pentalog-anul-2010.htmlFor non-Romanian speakers, in short, the main point we tried to emphasize is the attractiveness of Romania as an offshore/nearshore destination, that we need to maintain. Now the domestic market is still not big enough to create new business. The local IT services market significantly dropped in 2009 and for this year forecasts are directed at the same trend. The public sector used to be a good customer some time ago but now the budgetary deficit has turned the state into a question mark in the new business equation. And when I think of sectors such as embedded systems, I cannot imagine how a market without any strong production (I don’t even dare thinking of R&D) can provide work to thousands of engineers. Therefore let us keep our assets and continue to grow in the framework of international projects, where Pentalog is really successful, with over 50% growth rates our competitors are jealous of.

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