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Pentalog is now a registered trademark in Europe


We got the news some time ago but we haven’t said anything until now. Well, Pentalog is now an official registered trademark. The process took quite a lot of time (over 6 months) and was a little tedious at first but well worth it.We have a strong branding image, which is getting internationally reknown and therefore it became obvious that this asset should be protected. At first, we considered the countries where we’ve been operating for a long time or where we recently started operating: France, Germany, Romania. Then we considered the possibility of registering a community trademark, that is to say in the European Union as a whole. This process was more interesting and simpler, as Frédéric (since the brand is his personal property) only had to apply once to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, for all European countries. And this was much less expensive than if the process had been undertaken for each country individually.The risk was that a single notification of opposition filed by an owner of realier rights based in one EU country would have been enough to derail the entire process in all other countries as well. We should then have applied for registration of distinct trademarks for each country. But everything went just fine.The registration certificate of the Pentalog trademark was published in the Community Trademark Bulletin nr. 2008/046 of October 17, 2008.With the ISO 9001 certification announced by Fred a few days ago, and the R&D tax credit agreement that should be renewed for 2009, Pentalog has now three additional assets that will help maintain its position and attract new customers.

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