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The Hanoi office has a new director

Monica Jiman
Monica Jiman
Chief Customer Success Officer Pentalog Europe & Asia

Pentalog began its Vietnamese adventure in 2009. For 2 and a half years, the office was managed by Tuan Nguyen Quoc. A great team of 60 people is in charge of several customer projects (Altadis Imperial Tobacco, Sierra Wireless, Active System, Lexware, People Centric, Anevia etc.) or internal projects. Moreover, a team of 8-10 people will start a project for another important client in September.This growing trend is only just starting. Our Asian strategy requires that we take steps forward, as part of a company development process which will have a special focus on the Asian market.All multinational companies made this choice a long while ago, as the economic dynamism of the region cannot be ignored.In the scope of this new organization, Marc Charbit has taken over the management of the Hanoi office. He joined the company at the beginning of June and spent his first weeks at Pentalog in the Romanian and Moldovan offices and at the Orléans headquarters. He is a young French manager with international experience in one of the top 5 French IT companies. He moved to Vietnam 5 years ago and has developed a strong relationship with this country, considering that he even learned the language. Like all valuable Pentalog employees, he is multilingual. He speaks Vietnamese, English, German, Slovak and, of course, French. He will play a major role in implementing the quality policy and preparing the Hanoi office for the ISO certification.Welcome Marc! A great challenge lies ahead of you!

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