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Pentalog at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

Eight years after setting up a Java development team for a French client in Barcelona, I am back in the Catalan capital for the first participation of Pentalog in the Mobile World Congress.Mickael Hiver, Business Line manager for mobile applications, accompanied me on this occasion.We have a double objective: to establish contracts with potential clients and to get into the swing of the latest technology.Pentalog has been present in the field of mobile applications for a long time, well before the invention of the iPhone. Already, in 2002, we worked on business applications in the field of traceability and inventory by means of “PDA” type terminals with bar-code reading technology. At that time, the market was represented by Windows mobile with a poor black-and-white interface and a stylus intended for business use only.In 2009, we have developed our first iPhone application still in the field of B2B. Since then, there has been an increase in the number of projects, and the technologies have diversified.Even if only a minor part of the sales is generated from this activity, the volume of requests received from our prospects has taken the lead, surpassing Java, Dot Net and PHP orders.We have developed a highly advanced competence cluster not only for technologies, but also for ergonomics and user experience, first in the Republic of Moldova and later in Romania and Vietnam.We’ll have to put forward this expertise linked to our offshore methodology in order to obtain “sexy” projects for our teams.Mickael and I are going to make you live the MWC on this blog right to the end.

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