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CEBIT 2018 – meet business game changers!


Attention! NEW TIME: June 11. – 15. 2018, Hanover, Germany

2018 is year of rebirth for CEBIT – and we’re ready to put the “D” back into “Digital”. Introducing an entirely new approach, the event will focus on the digitalisation of business and the world as a whole. CEBIT, “Europe’s Business Festival for Innovation and Digitisation” and the standard in international business fairs will be presented in 3 parts: The exhibition fair where solutions are presented and decision makers are met, conference to get informed about the latest & greatest in tech and a networking portion to meet the game changers of the digital economy. Mircea Popa, CEO of Pentalog Deutschland will be attending CEBIT as a visitor.

Cebit 2018 Pentalog

(Picture: cebit.de)

CEBIT 2018 – what the “d!” stands for and how you can profit from the experience!

“d!conomy” and “d!tec” are the buzzwords and running themes with which around 1.000 Exhibitors will present their companies and state-of-the-art technologies.“d!talk” and “d!campus” are the playgrounds for information exchange, knowledge sharing and networking. Feel free to let your nerd flag fly!

All is new at this year’s CEBIT, even the exhibition time: June 11. – 15.2018, Hanover, Germany. Oh, and by the way: be sure to stop by the always beautiful “Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen” (Herrenhäuser Gärten).

CEBIT 2018 will present the Top-Trends 2018 – Discover what’s in for you!

AI – Artificial Intelligence is one of the up and coming trends you will learn about at CEBIT. On June 13th at the “Artificial Intelligence Summit” in Hall 27, the renowned scientist, Professor Dr. Wahlster of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence will be presenting and sharing his knowledge.

AR – Augmented Reality and VR – Virtual Reality will be presented in Hall 26. Read about how to make money on those technologies-Fitness-App with Virtual Reality

Blockchain is mostly known because of Bitcoin but that’s not the only use for this 21st Century trend technology. We’ve helped customers profit from Blockchain and can do the same for you. Learn more about Blockchain.

The IoT or Internet of Things connects objects of the physical world with a virtual component and you can learn about this in Hall 13 on CEBIT. Read about how to monetize this trend!

Want to know more about Pentalog? Let’s meet in Hanover!

Let’s face it, if you’re not digital, you’re nothing. We must build digital channels to engage with our customers, our collaborators and key stakeholders. Digital products or digital improvements on new and existing products will decide who stays and who goes on the market.

To stay competitive you need cutting edge services:

  • Pentalog Software Factory: Over 850 IT-Specialists are at your service to develop the future with you in the language of your choice
  • SkillValue: HR-IT-Recruitment, Freelancers and over 500 online coding quizzes to assess the skills of IT-personnel
  • Pentalabbs: Pentalog’s IT for Equity VC for Tech & Digital startups.
  • Pentalog Growth Factory: Pentalog’s Digital Marketing branch for Growth Hacking strategies

The Pentalog Platform in 2 sentences: A global full-stack IT service platform designed to support digital and tech businesses throughout their product lifecycle: design, development, marketing, and funding. We apply Agile, Lean, and DevOps best practices to help you build up product value.

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