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Cross-Cultural Management through the Lenses of a Pentalog Product Owner at BA & Beyond Conference 2019

Elena Mutruc
Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

Digital services are a crucial part of the modern business world. Business Analysts, Product Owners and leading digital visionaries alike need to consistently adapt to ever-changing global trends. Digital services are changing business for the better, globally, but being able to approach business collaboration from the right angle makes efficient cross-cultural management practices vital in 2019.

New-age technologies, Agile methodologies, design thinking, growth hacking strategies are just a few of the many drivers of change, yet they have one common enabler – culture.

As a full-stack platform delivering Agile tech & digital services to clients worldwide and a global team of 1,000 people spread on 3 continents, acknowledging cultural diversity and showing awareness to different cultural styles and business profiles has allowed Pentalog to build team and client trust.

As part of this year’s agenda of the BA&Beyond Conference, Irina Rogojina, experienced Product Owner at Pentalog, will develop the idea of cross-cultural management in a presentation aimed at demonstrating the value of cultural competence in improving collaboration and building successful business partnerships.

cross-cultural management

On March 28th, Pentalog Product Owner Irina Rogojina will be on stage at BA&Beyond to host a presentation about cross-cultural management. Save the date and join her for an interesting talk!

Culture: A Divider, or a Key to Success?

If the phrase “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” sounds familiar, it’s probably because Ford President Mark Fields said it.

Business culture is still a sensitive and underrated topic, not least because much of business strategy is still created without considering or incorporating cultural elements.

Pentalog values cultural diversity and incorporates it into its overall business strategy, whether when collaborating with remote teams or engaging multinational clients.

After more than 25 years of experience in IT outsourcing, we have learned that if approached correctly, cultural awareness can bridge gaps between service providers and end users and provide an avenue to effective business communication powering cross-border partnerships, greater revenues and better hiring at companies of every size and type.


Pentalog at Business Analysis & Beyond Conference 2019

The 2019 edition of Business Analysis & Beyond Conference taking place in Brussels on March 27-29th gathers experts to showcase their knowledge and experience in the field to business analysis professionals and digital product strategists across industries. Speakers will share their individual visions behind product ownership, user stories, Agile, design thinking and other topics.

Participants will get exposure to community and industry leaders alike, connect with likeminded individuals, and draw key takeaways on ways to foster growth, innovation and build community within their businesses.

At BA & Beyond 2019, Pentalog Product Owner Irina Rogojina will utilize Pentalog case studies demonstrating the importance of culture in decision-making processes, highlighting ways culture influences and affects businesses.

At Pentalog, we strive to advance the business case for diversity, and empower people of different cultures to be their best selves in the workplace.

Pentalog, being a global recruitment, outsourcing, freelancing and nearshoring corporation, has delivery centers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Irina will share with the audience tips and tricks that everyone from CEO to Business Analyst can use in order to maximize the value of a diverse, cross-cultural environment.



Agile: The Road from Cross-Cultural Management to Achieving Product/Market Fit

Pentalog benefits from a workforce able to quickly adapt to market demands. Process is everything, and we are applying Agile development methodology to our IT outsourcing projects company-wide moving forward to help us adapt faster and more efficiently to the needs and goals of our clients.

Agile principles have allowed us to create a productive environment in both our in-house and remote teams, with more than 1,000 full-time employees over 3 continents delivering successful digital products every year.

Pentalog teams support global businesses through a range of Agile services covering the entire lifecycle of digital product development:

  • Recruitment, freelancing and tech skill assessment by SkillValue, Pentalog’s human resources platform;
  • IT development & software engineering for any project type: web, mobile, IoT, e-commerce etc;
  • Expertise in technology architecture, digital marketing, technical debt management, DevOps, security, performance analysis, and even funding;
  • Strategy creation for business growth.


Attending this year’s edition of the BA & Beyond Conference? Itching to know more about BA and Agile thinking? Reach out to Irina Rogojina with any questions about business analysis and product ownership for IT outsourcing projects. We hope to see you there!



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