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Partying at Pentalog, celebrating another good year

Catalina Murariu
Catalina Murariu
Product Owner

Christmas parties are all about beautiful people enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed Christmas mood after a year of both hard work and accomplishments. At Pentalog, Christmas parties are a bit more than that. With offices spread over three continents, people obviously share different cultures and lifestyles but are invisibly linked together by the same passion for the IT world. They are all members of a bigger family.

Pentalog Christmas party

At the end of each year, the company likes to throw a party like no other, a tradition that gathers different nationalities during a thematic night with good music, good food, good drinks and, most of all, great people!


Brasov Christmas partyThis year, the Brasov delivery center seems to have been the first to set the tone. And the theme was rock: rock outfit, rock make-up, rock hairstyle, rock accessories and, of course, rock music. It all contributed to an awesome “Rock Party”. A local band was invited for the opening and the fun continued on the rhythms played by DJ Gabi, our colleague, who made the party rock. All the people asked about this party said it was a total success and that they had a blast. After all, what’s not to love? A live concert, drinks and a personal professional photographer to immortalize moments everybody will enjoy further on. Brasov team, let me say you totally rocked!


Chisinau Christmas partyOur colleagues from Chisinau were the next in line, invited to a modern location with a futuristic design, located right in the heart of the Moldovan capital. Their theme, “Jeans & Shirts”, contributed to creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for all guests, who were welcomed with a drink of their choice (from champagne to cocktails with fancy names). The night started with a speech delivered by Elena Mutruc, DCM of the Chisinau delivery center, followed by special guest Monica Jiman, deputy CEO of Pentalog, who wanted to wish them all the best for 2017. The surprise of the night: Christmas carols in English and French followed by the musical present of Liviu D., who performed a very touching version of Hallelujah accompanied by Eduard N. More colleagues joined them short after in a karaoke contest. The rest of the night? More of everything: food, drinks, music, dancing, fun contests and a lot of prizes for the participants. Motto accomplished: “Don’t forget your good mood at home and we guarantee you a party to remember!”


The fun continued at Orléans, the company’s headquarters, where people gathered in a lounge bar, exchanged presents and had lots of laughter during a blind test. The most fun part of the evening? They were called, one by one, on stage and given diplomas: The Funniest One, The Most Serious One, The Most Sportive One, The Most Gourmand One, The Most Heavy Coffee Drinker, The Nicest One, The Most Careless One, The Most Optimistic One, The Funniest One and The Most Handsome Guy 🙂 For obvious reasons, I cannot disclose who was who. What happens in Pentalog, stays in Pentalog 😉


Cluj Christmas partyAnd because oldies are goldies, the Cluj team threw a “Vintage Party”. Believe it or not, 90% of them took the theme seriously and wore vintage outfits. Congrats! The objective was simple: to have fun – and, oh boy, they sure did! The night was young and they were crazy: open bar, awesome music (thanks MR. DJ!), good food and great location… forever young mood all the way. A bit shy at first, the Pentaguys soon started to loosen up, made groups of 5 and sang different classic songs from the 80’s and 90’s. Spirits were high. I’ll just say that Hit the road Jack! was in the playlist. Everybody had a great time and the memories of an awesome party will remain forever.


Last but not least, the Iasi and Bucharest delivery centers had a twin party, “Black & White”, on the same day. In Iasi, people got in the holiday mood early in the day with a special surprise moment organized in the office: a professional team of carolers came to wish our colleagues health, joy and prosperity in the year to come. Guests were welcomed with knot-baked bread and apples 🙂 At night, Iasi got the party started in a stylish location and cozy atmosphere, where most people had dressed up for the occasion. Plenty of good food, an open bar, a candy bar and a professional photographer that made people feel like real VIPs. The music was so diverse and danceable that everybody was up all night long. Not to mention that they also had cake and confetti 😉


Bucharest Christmas partyIn Bucharest, people got warmed up with a social game and a generous open bar. What kind of game? Everyone was invited to draw out a folded piece of paper containing half of a proverb and then to spend part of the evening socializing and identifying their matching partner. When they found the missing part of the proverb, they glued the 2 pieces together, folded the proverb and participated in a raffle. The 3 winning pairs won 2 bottles of wine, 2 3D puzzles and 2 Kendama game boards. The fun continued on latino beats and people lined up to take funny pics in a photo booth.


This pretty much covers it all for this year. We had fun, we enjoyed the Christmas spirit and we went home with a bunch of memorable memories. I think I can speak on everybody’s behalf when I say that old friendships strengthened and new ones were created. Looking forward to the next Christmas Party and wishing our colleagues in Vietnam the best Tet party in January 2017!

May you all have a Happy New Year!


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